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My game is not appearing in the search too ^^

A topic by snowashland created Oct 24, 2018 Views: 652 Replies: 30
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Hi to you , I ask you for help because my game was published ,and nothing appears in the search bar ,even if I target the right category ,even if I write the name of the game in the search bar ,nothing.

I saw that the problem had appeared for a lot of users ,can you try to do something?

I'm got 21 games in itch and after update they dosn't appear in itch ap


I don't see any games in your profile. Are you sure they're set to public visibility?


They appear to not be a creator, but someone having trouble accessing games they may have previously downloaded on their itch app.

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seriously ? why ?  but myself by selecting all my search categories of my games ,the page finds empty ,it's not normal


There are lots of games on Itch by now. If you look in popular tags like 2D or Multiplayer, it's likely your game simply appears very far down in results. And searching for "snow ash land" will return every game whose title or tagline contains either of the three words. That's a lot of games again. As the results cut off after a point, your game simply doesn't make it.

I recommend doing some promotion for your game, in venues like blogs, forums or social media. Good luck!

Thank you for your answers ,the problem is that it's not logical ,by marking the title all attached "snowashland" Nothing appears in the search ,not the slightest game ,not mine or others ,if I select ,the right category ,one by one ,the list ends up being empty ,but still not my game ,I think there's really a problem with your search engine ,and promoting my game on your forums or will change anything.


That's odd. If I search for "snowashland", without spaces, I get exactly two results: your profile, and your game. Couldn't say what's different. And promoting your game outside of would allow people to find it through other means than our own search engine. That can only help, even if you showed up higher in results here.


so actually it's weird ,a few hours ago only my profile appeared without space 

promoting a game is hard, I've been doing it for months, and it's the goal of your sites, in my opinion, to offer visibility on the games, but since I'm obviously not the only one to have his game that doesn't even appear in the right category,I personally think there is a problem ,it would be better to display all the games by category ,and even if we find it with more than 500 pages ,it would seem more logical to me than to leave games in the limbo of oblivion


We try to make games visible, but how many games are we supposed to fit on the front page, out of the 130K we have now? When you click on a tag, you can scroll or page through all the games in it, even if there are many thousands. But how does that help you find the best of them? We offer all kinds of mechanisms. You can select several tags at once. You can look for games similar to those you like. You can even find collections to browse in the search results. Either way, some will rise to the top and some will sink to the bottom. It can't be helped. Sooner or later, you can only get better visibility by also being visible from outside of Itch.

Hello ! I am having the same issue. Even when I select categories very specifically, I end up with only a few games showing up, but definitely not mine.


That's odd. I'm searching with NSFW content enabled and Don de soi doesn't show up in, say, recent games with the Halloween tag. Other games released about as recently do show up. I'll ask.


Update: turns out, projects marked as games, (as opposed to books or asset packs) need to have some executables to download before they'll appear in searches. Yours has a video and a text file. Is that intentional?

Yep it is ! :s


Then I'll let an admin know, so they can mark your project page as having game files.

Thank you.

Hi! I have the same problem. Executable files was uploaded and the game was published. It was yesterday. I thought I should wait, but nothing happens. Game still can't be searched on your website. I do not know what to do. Thanks!


In your case, it's because the game has a price tag attached, so it's being held for review. It should be up in a few more hours. Thanks for the patience.

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Thanks! It would be great if there was any notification of it. Now my game in your website.  Thanks again!


Thanks, your page should be showing up now.

Thank you, that is perfect ♥

I know that this thread is a year old, but apparently my game has been released for more than 24 hours... Did I do something wrong?


My game also came out recently

Try my new game :


Roboprime also shows in searches. Maybe you first made the game page public, and then uploaded files to it after two days?

Yes! I've Uplaoded after 2 days.

So, the sense is the duration of the Public Page only????


No, the point is, games with no files for players to download don't appear in searches.  It makes sense that yours only did after you added one.



Your game was held for review because it has a price tag attached. It shows in search results now. To get a prompt answer in the future, please start a new topic. I would have missed your post if CodeModeller here hadn't replied to it.

But my one more question is that how can I promote my game as all the peoples don't want to play Indie Games only youths and kids who know wants to play Indie Games.


A lot of people want to play indie games. Many people even prefer them nowadays. But people are also busy, and they may not find your game exactly when they go looking for something new. Use devlogs, those help a lot. And use social media! Don't restrict your promotion work to Itch. Get a site of your own. Get a blog. Comment on other blogs. Post in other forums. 

Ok! Thank you so much.

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