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"From Beyond The Grave Cafe" for the Darktober GameJam

A topic by tadpolily created Oct 22, 2018 Views: 154 Replies: 8
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Hi community!

I'm actually a substantial way through my game so far, but I have quite a ways to go. This game was inspired by the Brewster's coffee mini-game in Animal Crossing. The concept was also inspired from the Thymine's cover for famicase:

Trying My Best Is Very Hard

(so cute!)

I want to make a narrative focused memory game, where the main character "Blue" works as a budding and insecure barista. The player must handle a sea of coffee orders while remaining calm. The customers include a variety of ghosts with different personalities.

Here is how my game looks now -> Play here


It looks adorable so far! Are you thinking about giving the drinks also spooky and cute names or designs? If there's cute food in a game, and I get to make the food, I always end up playing the game. XD


Ugh that's a good idea! I'm going to be brainstorming spoopy drinks today~~~


Then consider me subscribed to this thread! Good luck, and I'm looking forward mixing up coffee with this little ghost friend. ^u^

One of the things I have been working on is navigation, both for the player and for the customers (indicated by the Godot icon). When you play, you can click on the 

different coffee stations (currently missing except for the brewing machine) to add ingredients. I'm using a Navigation2D node. The script is based off of this tutorial:

Super useful for the game I'm currently making.

The deadline for the game jam is fast approaching so I'm starting to feel the heat. I'm kind of reeling over the fact that I don't have the core game mechanic for my game set up. I've spent the majority of the time implementing auxiliary features here and there. Not as much focus was put on it being fun. 

Luckily, I have decided to have the game's core mechanic revolve around pouring. It seems like how steamed milk is poured into cup, is one of the major skills of baristas. Milk pouring skills also help when it comes to making latte art. I was thinking of doing a quick time (-ish) event mini game that involves pouring milk.

My design for the game looks like this:

A potential solution was to use the TextureProgress Bar provided. But you can't really fill in the progress bar in the middle. I was finally able to come to a solution using various ColorRects. See below.

Here's the base for the event using some ColorRect objects in Godot:

These are the main coffee types so far that baristas will be able to make (the spooky names are yet to be determined):

* Milk foam
* Steamed milk
* Chocolate
* Expresso
* Milk foam
* Steamed milk
* Expresso
Flat White
* Milk foam
* Steamed milk
* Double Expresso
* A lot of milk foam
* Steamed milk
* Double Expresso

We'll see how implementing this works...

So I spent quite a while doing some Asset work. 

(Background of main title scene)

(Assets for the latte pouring mini game)

Latte pouring mini-game in action:

Not sure how I'm going to do the milk. I was thinking of simulating it using particles or 'metaballs', but that may just be overkill. Finding out how to simulate fluid in a non processing heavy way in Godot is hard. Also the game jam ends tomorrow and there is so much left to do.


This event is really taking a toll. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to finish by tomorrow but I've learned so much!

Here's how my game is looking so far (I'm not sure if sound is included but I also found some jazzy music):

 Tomorrow I may just focus on porting to web and fixing up messy code. I'm not sure how much polishing

or extending I'll do.


Game is 'released' and free to be played (though it's unfinished)