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Super gay. ^u^

Hey there! My apologies for the late response. This game has a self-voicing feature if you press the "V" key while playing, and it will read dialogue or buttons aloud when hovered. I went in to check and see if the controls allow you to tab through options, but sadly, the use of the mouse is still required.

Thank you for your work collecting them, and good luck! Please let me know if there's something I can update my tags to, and I'll be very happy to change them if we don't meet standards for the "blind support" tag!

Don't worry, you're not hallucinating! Since the game is being made right now, I have new screenshots to show off every month or so.

Thank you very much, and welcome to the world of visual novels! I have no doubt that you'll find something that you like even more soon. And that's not because I don't have faith in my games, but because the medium of VNs is so weird and cool that it's easy to find new favorites all the time. ^u^

If you liked Harry and Hawley, please consider trying out Serialized Killer, they're in that one, too!

I'm currently making a route map for my patrons! It's actually kind of a challenge to figure out how to map this, since the route structure is slightly irregular. XD

Thank you for your interest!

Thank you so much! Hawley does indeed have albinism, which presents quite a lot of challenges for him out at sea.

We always welcome translation! There's a channel for it in the playtester discord, if you ever feel like going for it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such detailed feedback! I'll note these down and see if I can learn a way to fix them. Truth be told, I'm still not entirely happy with the controls for the swapping mechanic, and if I can find a way to animate the screen movement and code it to a keyboard button, I'd really like to offer it as an alternative!

Aww, thank you so much! I'm honored that they resonated so deeply with you. ^u^ I hope you have a nice time with Serialized Killer, and if you'd ever like to chat about Harry and Hawley, or help out with future games that they're in, please consider joining the playtester discord! We'd love to have you!

Thank you! I always feel like I struggle with worldbuilding, so having two academics rambling on about their field of study was a very smooth framework. Letting the characters have fun studying the world attaches emotional stakes to it, I guess?

And I'm glad that the game stuck the landing at the end! I edited a portion of an old NaNo piece for this, and though the letters continue after that moment, it really felt like the best moment to end it on. And the fact that I now had visuals meant that I had an opportunity to do something that pure prose hadn't initially allowed. ^u^ Man, I love visual novels!

Thank you! Writing for Exit is always fun for me, she's such a scamp. XD

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed the demo! I wanted it to feel intriguing very quickly. And there's a whole scene with Talaiporia in the early access build, so consider the first course of monster waifu already delivered, with more on the way~ ^u^

Today’s a nice slow day for me, so I was able to check it out quickly. Thanks for popping it back in for another go, and I hope you have fun with the update. Lemme know what you think when you’re done! ^-^

Thank you for reporting! I checked my own files and tried to replicate the bug by redownloading and playing through, but did not see the glitch. Sorry to give basic advice, but have you tried restarting the game, or redownloading?

I'm so glad that the game spoke to you! It's a very personal game for us, too. ^u^ And the Goose love is profuse! XD

Oh that’s so cool, I’m glad that my game got to introduce you to the genre! May I Take Your Order was also the first VN I finished, so it holds a special “first” in my heart, too!

Thank you! And there’s always plenty of Lupin, just like the great thief we can never die

Hey thank you for playing it! We wanted the comedy to stand out like a Part 2 Dub episode. ^_^ If you’d like to play more Lupin, please consider giving The Jig Is Up a go!

Thank you very much! Sometimes I wonder if my older games hold up, so it's nice to get to remember that Hendrik and Talai still get to be full of life in this version, too! ^u^

Thank you very much! They’ll be in this game too!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much! I’m pleased to hear that the pace didn’t drag, and you’re right on the money about Harry’s “friend.” I also love how forthright and direct Hawley is; I don’t feel like I did a great job with his character voice in this, he should have had much more creative swears. XD But I’m glad that the allusion to what he might have said to the faculty got a laugh, it’s one of my favorite jokes in here.

If you’d like more from them, please check out The Case of the Serialized Killer! You’ll get to see some of the results of Harry’s research, and find out how their relationship is going!

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Fixed a typo! 

Thank you so much! I absolutely want to make more stories with Harry, Hawley, and the rest of this world! If you want to see more, please tell your friends about the game! Spreading the word helps more than you can imagine. ^u^

Thank you so much! I was about to mention Hoping This Finds You Well, but then I noticed you'd already seen it! :D

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that you had a good time. ^u^

Thank you!

You did a wonderful job with this, Tsushi! I’m very proud of you and I think this is an excellent text to reference and show people why queer reads are very important!

Thank you so much for checking it out! Good luck with the channel!

Thank you so much for playing it, I enjoyed hearing you read through! Good luck with your channel, indie game LPers are my go-to while drawing for VNs, so it's nice to see the cycle of "art creating art" continuing! ^u^

Our game is The Case of the Serialized Killer:

Thanks for checking it out! If you’re having trouble with the browser version, you might want to try downloading it instead.

Some say that if you fall asleep in that theater, you might never wake up...

NonPlatonic Forms is a visual novel about a tricky human and a hungry storytelling god. Can you help Lee separate matter from myth, and navigate his way to freedom? Or will the dread deity scoop out his free will, and make Lee into a sycophantic member of his eternal audience?

The first teaser demo for NonPlatonic Forms is up! It's available for PC, Mac, Linux, and you can also play it in-browser on a computer or on your phone!

Thank you! I can't stop writing schemy little jerks with gremlin hearts, and Exit's an all-time fav. I don't have any direct plans for her as a viewpoint character at the moment, but she appears as a suspect in The Case of the Serialized Killer. If we get a chance to make a second chapter, I would like to expand on her backstory there, and I already have some notes and a rough idea of how that mystery would go! Thank you so much for supporting Off the Cuff, it goes a long way toward helping me make more with her! ^u^

Neither did Harry, it seems~ ^u^

Thank you very much! We had a wonderful time working on this and The Jig is Up; I love painting and I love Lupin, so it was a dreamy little time. :3

And as far as I know, TMS doesn't have a history of going after fan or doujin creators, so I'm not particularly worried. Thank you for your concern, though! ^u^

The game does run best if you download it, yes! But if you could let me know which browser you're using and specify the error, I could look into it.

Awwww, thank you! Have you seen Lupin Zero yet?