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I understand, nothing is perfect, and I'm happy that's thriving! Thank you!

Thank you for responding. My original ticket number was "60050," and it looks like I've received a new one now: "72735."

I sent an email to support last September, and have had no response. I have sent a couple follow-up emails, but nobody seems to be listening. I don't know if I've done something wrong, and if so, I have no way to fix it. I and my team are really frustrated by this. I was told to contact the email address, not the forums, but in retrospect, it's the only place anyone responded to me:

I don't like being impatient, but by now, I think I've waited more than long enough.

Thanks! I think I'm starting to realize that my favorite genre is whatever uses a ton of horror concepts and imagery, but also uses the horror as a preamble to fun and humor later.

Also, adding different pronouns is so, SO easy. Mundane games should have them, let alone games that include a sexless entity that prefers to identify as female.

Sorry that it took me a couple weeks to watch your LP, but thank you for making it! You're really funny, and it was nice to see someone so cleanly and correctly work out the puzzle of how you're supposed to choose dishes.

Heya, thank you for the comment! Content warnings are such a great invention; they free writers up to explore topics responsibly, and give readers the power to keep themselves safe. I hope you're having a fantastic day, and happy new year!

Hey, thank you so much! That's one of the nice things about pay-what-you-want, we're able to make sure that anyone who wants to try the game can, and anyone who feels like tipping can, as well!

Also, since I wrote Exit's route, I'm especially happy to hear that you liked her. Writing her puts me in a good mood.

Thank you for playing! While all the technicians are, we wanted them all to have their own vibe!

Thank you so much, that's really high praise!

I'll work hard on it, I don't want to let anyone down!

Focus on racking up that damage for Hendrik. Getting him stabbed is especially helpful. ^u^

Thank you! I wanted to try making something with a little more substance to it than the original, and use what I've learned!

Always so nice to see a couple whose interests align.

Yooo excellent work! And hey, thank you so much for trying out the game!

Your video was so much fun to watch, thank you! I'll need to check out more of your stuff; LPers are my favorite thing to watch while working on stuff, and I've got a loooooot of work to get done in the next three days!

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She had a cameo in my webcomic “Evil Plan” as a supervillain, and if I ever write more in that world, she’ll likely get bumped up to main cast. I’ve also drawn a lot of sketches and extra art of her, she used to be a major NPC in one of my longer tabletop campaigns. So if you follow me on my social media feeds, there's a lot there to find, as well, and there will likely be more in the future.

Heh heh heh, thanks! Exit's one of my favorite OCs, so I tend to include her in a lot of my different projects. Her sexuality is very DIY and hands-on, so she was a good fit for this one.

Thank you so much for giving the game a try! I'm glad that you liked the humor; it's easy and fun to write it with these two. :3

This was one of the most compelling introductions I've ever read, right from the start. The prose is beautiful without being overly verbose or clunky, and the choice to go for a monochrome palette contributes to the sense of oppression. I also liked how sparse and plodding the soundtrack's been, so far. One and most of the cast (barring Seven) have given in to their descent, and the music communicated that fatalistic sense of trudging forward. The character designs are also great, the expressions of each character can change their whole demeanor from comforting to intimidating in an instant. It made me feel on edge, and reminded me that One was being watched just as much as we were watching everyone else.

Following up such a strong intro will probably be a challenge, but I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this game! It's so intriguing and I can't wait to learn more about the world, the game systems, and the characters!

Awww, thank you! If you want to make your own visual novels, I'd recommend using Ren'Py. It can be a little tricky to learn how to use, but you can do so much with it that you can't do with other visual novel engines. There's also a wonderful community over at the Lemmasoft forums, full of even more games, and a lot of helpful people and tutorials!

Oh no! Don't be like Hendrik, he has zero self respect. XD But thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much! I’ve made a couple more, though they’re a little different. I’m hoping to announce a new one in a couple weeks!

Oh, it's so cool that you made a Let's Play! Thank you for checking it out.

Whoops! My apologies, thank you for letting me know!

Hello! I would like to post browser playable versions of two of my visual novels. Unfortunately, I keep getting the issue "There was a problem loading your project: Too many files in zip." I've been advised to ask here if you might possibly raise the limit on both games?

Full Service Shop is 65 mb and just barely exceeds the limit at 506 files. I also have Off the Cuff, which is 94mb and exceeds the limit at 523 files. That one's somewhat larger, and while I understand if that's way too much, it is at least under 100mb, which I was advised to steer clear of as a limit. I'll work harder on optimizing next time, you have my word!

I've already uploaded the zip files for both games, and have them hidden from the public. Let me know if there's anything you need from me, and thank you for your time!

Thanks for letting me know you played it! I didn't know if anyone else would enjoy the eldritch rom-com atmosphere, so it's nice to know that you did! ^u^

Hahaha, thank you! I tried to tone down writing him with an accent because I didn’t know how well I could make it work in text, but he actually speaks with a Chicago accent. So a New Jersey one is also a totally valid read. XD

Thank you for the kind words! You're right that I wanted horror as an aesthetic, instead of a mood. While I love horror, sometimes all I want is a fun little comedy.

Thank you! Half this restaurant's clientele exist outside the wave-light spectrum, so the gender one is a similar grab-bag of unknowable beauty. If it weren't putting so much work on the player, I'd love to let people input their own pronouns sometime!

Thank you for reading! Robyn's writer was a little shyer than the rest of us, so they stuck to writing as much as they were comfortable with. But I agree, I love Robyn and her route, and if Tsushi wanted to do more with her sometime, I'd be so happy to read it!

Marvelous, thank you very much! Always glad to see another player who opted for the after-dinner brandy. XD Which of the endings ended up being your favorite?

Thank you! I'm glad that it holds up on subsequent playthroughs! Also thank you for letting me know what ending you got the first time. It looks like a fair number of people get #5 their first time through, which makes me happy, since it's both one of the better endings, but not the true ending. I hope you enjoyed getting some of the other ones!

Thank you! And yeah, if he had any friends, Hendrik would likely get that advice a lot.

Hendrik's life pretty much ranges from "nice in a messed up way" to "just plain messed up." XD The first one's about as good as it gets for him.

Thank you so much for playing our game, and taking your time to leave such good and helpful feedback! All of the games I've made so far have been for game jams or have had a one or two month time limit, but I would really like to make a longer game exploring a relationship sometime.

Perhaps at some time? This game's designed less around obtaining endings, though, and more around kind of building your own scene, so it's possible to get all the endings without seeing everything there is to see. Making a guide for it would be a little bit hard. But I'd still like to help, if we can! Let us know what endings you've got, and we can at least help you get the endings.

Whoa, thank you so much for playing, and for leaving such a lovely comment! Exit/Dea's a lot of fun for me to write, and I hope you like her route in Full Service Shop!

Hehehe, I'm afraid our game is a little more straightforward than you may be expecting; what you're reading as satire is simply our earnest attempt to make something fun and sexy. For me personally, sex inspires a lot of creative drive, and to ignore that would be to let it all go to waste! I should love to become 'a funhouse mirror for peoples' most depraved fantasies,' that sounds like a body of work I could be truly proud of. XD

But don't think that our response upon reading your comment was anything less than thrilled! There should never be any shame in overthinking any crumb of media that comes (also loved your pun) along one's way, and if your perspective on what we've made takes you off in a completely different direction, that's marvelous! If you do play, I hope it gives you a good time, be that through the intended purpose of reading smut, or even functioning as a springboard for your own ideas in any direction. Thanks for stopping by!

Heya! Thank you so much for coming back and giving Full Service Shop a try! Having a safe word mechanic was an idea that I saw a few years back in an excellent game called Cute Demon Crashers. In it, if you click the "Stop" button, the sex scene straight up stops. I thought its inclusion was strange and cool. Strange, because a player can just X out of any video game they don't like, but cool, because even if you don't use their button, it changes the tone of the sexual encounter entirely. I'm pretty interested in how sex can be used to communicate, and wanted to see what a different style of safeword would look like. Because a safeword can also mean "pause, and let's make some edits." That felt like a way of adding gameplay, rather than cutting it out. And I hope that it helped you feel more comfortable, the more you used it.

Thank you also for catching that typo! I'll pull open the script right now and get that fixed. I should probably reupload soon, I think that makes three typos people found, so it'd be good to get those fixed.

And thank you for the feedback on everyone's routes! Such a long comment isn't rambly at all, or if it is, it's a pleasant walk through how you felt about what we made, and that's both helpful, and encouraging. I was hoping that the range of characters would mean that different people would have different favorites, and hearing which ones appealed to you and which didn't makes me feel confident that we hit the targets we were going for. ^u^

Thank you for giving it a try! And this game is an alternate universe from Off the Cuff; I made Exit for a tabletop campaign, and Maya ended up being the Big Bad of that game. The world of FSS is much more chill and friendly.

And go ahead and let me know any bugs right here! When I get enough, I'll be happy to update the game file.