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Don't worry, pretty much all this art is already available online! If you look through my twitter, you can see most of it for free. I just have it collected here for people who want to help me out by paying for it! ^u^

I would love it if you translated the game! Thank you for asking, it’s one of the biggest compliments I can ever get. Feel free to use the files in the game and to edit any textures or images you need to.

If you do finish the translation, then let me know when you’re done, and I would be honored to host the translation on this page alongside the English version. ^_^

Anna and Susan learn the truth: they're "Lineage Children," people who are descended from literary characters! But what happens when a pair of self-aware lit nerds realize they're in a story? Time to game the system! Keep an eye out for foreshadowing, plot arcs, everything they can in order to stay one step ahead of a plot that wants them and their friends dead! Can they achieve a Happily Ever After, or are they doomed to a Tragic Ending after all?

Though the story is incomplete, this collection includes all eighteen chapters of Sire's regular run, from 2015-2022. You can download it for free, but if you'd like to support me, there is a donation option for $25 which includes additional art, including:

  • The 2006 first draft version of Chapter 1,
  • "Chapter 1.5," which would later be reworked into Chapter 2,
  • Anna and Susan's "Hell Colored Glass" run, which was part of an OC tournament in 2008, and included a villainous Pimpernel child,
  • "Le Renard de la Patisserie," a connected comic with an Arsène Lupin child, and a cousin of Emile's,
  • Character profiles and extra sketches!

  • Click through to download, and thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for enjoying our game! But I don’t think it’s bad that other games don’t have a safeword feature. It works for the soft tone of this game, but I think other games benefit from a different tone. ^u^

Thank you so much for checking it out! And also; hearing that this got you to try out Ren'Py is a huge compliment! I think that visual novels are a lot of fun to make, and Ren'Py is still my favorite engine. Good luck and I hope you make something great!


Hey thank you! I’m glad to know that my Lupin  stuff on here has gotten the thumbs up from you twice!^u^

Yo this is awesome, we'd love to check out whatever you write! And let me know if you need links to the tools we used to make this game, making VNs in the best!

How are you trying to download it?

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! :3

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Hahahaha thank you very much! Sadly, Hendrik considers himself taken, though Talaiporia would urge you to take him away from her.

Hopefully I’ll get him in another game sometime!

I left a comment over on your YouTube page, but it was lovely to see someone try out Robyn's route! Your courage on posting a monetized version of this to YouTube is through the roof, and I support it 100%. Godspeed.

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for reading! And don't worry, you didn't miss anything.








They took the plane tickets in Chapter 19 and went to Hawaii. They're doing fine!

Thank you to everyone who played the jam version of Serialized Killer! We're pleased to be presenting the 1.0 version of the game, which includes:

-Minor graphical tweaks, including the ability to have Harold shut his stupid mouth!

-Text Edits

-Full journal functionality

-And new endings! Before, we'd just had the true ending and one generic bad ending. But now, each incorrect culprit has a different short ending of their own.

Also, the winners of the Spooktober Jam were announced, and we were deeply honored to learn that we'd made it onto the shortlist! That's an amazing feeling, and it thankfully gives me one less cool game on my to-play list. As you can imagine, I've played through this one quite a lot already.

Thank you so much! Us too, and it was both intimidating and a lot of fun to write one!

Sorry to hear that! Could you give me some details regarding your problem? Which version are you attempting to run? What’s your operating system? And what error messages might you be getting? Things like that can help me identify what’s going wrong. Thank you!

Thank you for playing! Check right next to the body, in the furnace, there’s one more clue in there!

This was such a treat to watch! I always get nervous when watching people play a game I worked on, but this video was so funny and I really liked the voices you did for everyone. There were a number of times where you laughed at something and then went "oh no, I shouldn't laugh at that, this is serious." And I wanted to tell you to please feel comfortable laughing! You were laughing at our intended jokes, and it felt so NICE hearing someone understand exactly what we were tying to communicate with them!

Thank you, having a specific area to look in is very helpful. We’ll check the script and do an update in the next day!

Thanks for letting us know! Do you remember where any of those typos were? I’d like to get those fixed right away.

Well thanks, and I hope you like them! Never feel bad about deleting our games if you need to free up disc space, though. XD There should always be new games to enjoy in your future!

Whoa, thank you very much! We’ve made a few other VNs, but this was our first mystery, so we weren’t sure if people would like it! Comments like this can really encourage creators to keep going, so I’m grateful that you took the time out to let us know. If people end up really liking this one, there’s a chance we might do more. Harold and Hawley have been on my back burner for a looooong time. :3

Thank you so much for playing it! If you think we deserve it, we'd really appreciate it if you gave the game a rating, to help us out in the contest:

There are also a lot of other really cool games over there, too! I've only just started playing the other entries, but I've really been enjoying them. ^u^

Play it here!

When a popular illustrator is found dead, disgraced demonologist Harold Ludicael is hired to summon her ghost. But he’s hiding a secret:

Ghosts are as fake as all the other lies coming out of Ludicael's mouth.

We hope you enjoy our Edwardian-inspired visual novel with creeping monsters, summoning magic, and a cast with Queer main characters. It has:

-Over 20,000 words

-Point and Click Investigation

-Traditionally painted watercolor characters and locations

-A journal which keeps track of a colorful list of suspects and lore

-A content warning document, so you have control over whether or not you want to read warnings

-Good and Bad Endings

We're making this for the 3rd Annual Spooktober VN Jam, so if you enjoy it, please go vote for us here! There are prizes for people who play the games, too, so if you're interested in streaming this, we encourage you to do so!

Hahaha, I can't believe I forgot that. Thank you very much for catching that!

Thank you! I worked with Tsushi to design Robyn, and man, Tsushi is great at coming up with sweetheart characters. <3

Nope, not in this one!

Thank you! I wanted the safeword feature to give players at least a little opportunity to negotiate, the way a safeword should in real life. 

And actually, we specifically wanted to stay away from having a romance develop, since the technicians are just doing their jobs. But at least for Exit and Channery (which were the routes I wrote) I did give the players an opportunity to be customers that they can have a lot of fun with! The player can’t change the nature of their relationship (client and technician), but they can still have a good and fulfilling relationship inside those healthy boundaries.

But if you like Exit, she’s going to pop up in our next game, which will drop at the end of the month! Please consider following me on here, and you’ll get the announcement in your feed!

Thank you very much for trying it! And I think your chat has Talaiporia and Hendrik figured out XD

Everything I make is hand-painted, I sure don’t use my feet! XD

But these were all traditionally painted with watercolors, and then scanned into the computer. I tried to make sure that as much of the game as I could was watercolor, even the menus!

Thanks! I (Alexis Royce) painted the art and wrote about half the script. My partner in crime Tsushi wrote the other half!

Thank you so much for playing! I like that ending too. :D

The true ending is probably the one where you get the 100% tip, I think! I dunno if I thought about it too hard; some days one ending is my favorite, and other days I like a different one. XD Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much! I like horror games a lot too, so it was fun to kind of dip the game in a little bit of horror!

Thank you very much! We wanted everyone to feel like they came right out of the Part 2 dub!