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Smith and Winston

Explore and Destroy in this fun adventure, with twin stick combat and full level destruction · By Execution Unit, Charlie, MetalDazza

Say Hello Sticky

A topic by Charlie created Oct 11, 2018 Views: 825 Replies: 11
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If you've purchased or are just interested in Smith and Winston please drop a post here and say hello.


Just found this game today, looks interesting! Will you be providing Steam keys to those who purchase on here? Not saying this would affect my purchase, but something to know.


Hi Kent,  Yes  we will be giving a Steam key to people who purchase on here.  Thanks for posting and glad you find what we're doing  with Smith and Winston interesting.


can i mod the game as long as i dont release it online? i just love messin' around with games in my free time but if not i respect that :P


hey djjde12, If you've got an questions about the code or assets then just ask :) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Sorry for the late reply as well ;)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi  djjde12,  thats absolutely fine,  feel free to mess away :)


Looks sweet, featured it :D


And this is why we are indiegamelover-lovers :) Thanks.



Hello, love the game so far, I'm playing it on Linux. Two bugs I noticed: if you die and restart the final boss, his health remains, and when it's zero he doesn't die; in the underground level with the panda helmet, if you dig by the door to the helmet, you can fall into  empty space.  There's no death, so you just fall forever. Loving the controls! I would add a laser attachment for guns for easier aming.


oh that's good intel on the boss, that explains something I've noticed. The panda helmet bug.... bah, I thought we'd fixed that :) Thanks for letting us know and we're glad you're enjoying it so far :)

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