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Thank you. We'll post on here when it's released on Steam or you can wishlist the game and Steam will poke you when we go in to Early Access.

Yes. If you buy the game now you will qualify for a free Steam key when Smith and Winston is released on Steam.

Thanks for taking a look at Smith and Winston, have a great new year :)

hey djjde12, If you've got an questions about the code or assets then just ask :) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Sorry for the late reply as well ;)

Hi Jeffw387, 

Firstly, thanks for playing Smith and Winston.

Secondly, you're not wrong about the camera when playing with Keyboard and Mouse.  A few people have mentioned that, especially during flight or boosting up, a keyboard and mouse player is at a disadvantage and we agree.  We've got a few ideas that we're going to prototype. Exactly which scheme we go with I'm not sure. We will be changing this in the near-ish future though.

Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

That's great news, thanks for sticking with it :) Have fun.

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can you try installing and seeing Smith and Winston runs please?

hello, sorry about that, are you launching the game from the app or by double clicking on the SmithAndWinston.exe? The crash reported should get run when the game crashes!

I see what you're saying actually, I think we might have neglected the mouse/kb controls a little here. It's a very good point. I do remember the control scheme from WoW that you're describing. I've added this to be bug database, we'll think it over and prototype somethings. Once again, thanks , you're a star.

Thanks for more excellet feedback Ilazki. I've added and updated all your issues in the bug database.

On the camera: We have tried a lot of different camera modes including the always behind and we just couldn't stop people feeling seasick, we even did a first-person version (which was great but required all the gamplay to be rewritten so we dropped it). Like a lot of things it always about balancing features and actually delivering the game.

Once again, thanks for taking the time.

No problem, all feedback anywhere is fine by me :)

The config location, we actually ask libSDL2 where to put the config files, so we're just copying any game that also uses libSDL. Sorry it's not perfect but better than on the desktop :)

libSDL also helps a lot with multi-monitor but it's good to hear that it's working for you. There are a lot of edge cases and we did test for it but only with two monitors.

You're correct, there are a lot of little issues in the menus, I'll add some specific bugs for things we've just overlooked, thanks.

On key bindings, I've added bugs for these, all good points although I'm not sure how to deal with xmodmap mapped keys as SDL (AFAIK) accesses the device directly bypassing any settings. I'll look in to it. Also you found our debug keys and that makes you a very naughty boy! We'll shift them out of the way :)

Fonts: yeah the font is form over function especially for the menus where legibility is paramount. We need to look at that.

Misc: It's a custom engine, the debug menu you are seeing exposes that we use BGFX for rendering and that uses OpenGL2.1 which is old but it also gives us Vulkan, Metal and DX12. We've not enabled those yet as we're trying to focus the testing as we're a two person team, one coder and one artist, and it can get overwhelming very quickly. I really look forward to releasing Vulkan though, it's really nice. THe segfault on exit is completely my fault as I've been too lazy to fix it, sorry.

xboxdrv: I've added a bug to the database for this, we use SDL and so it "should just work" but nothing in software does as it's told! Thanks for reporting that.

The next release should fix the issue with the spider camera shake, good spot.

We prototyped an "intelligent" camera and it wasn't very successful. Because the player is pushing right-stick to the right, the camera swings behind the player a little, but the direction the player character faces is relative to the camera so the player character turns a little and the camera swing around a litte and on and on. We can dampen that but players reported that they started to feel a little sea sick as the camera never stopped sloshing about.

In the end we designed the game around the eight angles that you can fix the camera at but I agree it was a compromise and we're trying to balance a lot of things for the player.

The depth of field blur, yeah we can adjust that. It should give a sense of depth not simulate being tipsy.

Great feedback, thanks,

yeah the particles around the ship are REALLY heavy, bloody designers ;) OpenGL really doesn't like it and DX11 only just copes. We'll have to look at it. I'll look in to the vsync, that should work. Yeah, the shadows are odd, the higher quality they are the more blocky they are.... because they are more voxel-like, bit odd :)

I've got a reproduction of that crash and I think I know what it is. The progress and preferences are saved before it does it so it's not too fatal. I'll fix it though.

Thanks for helping to make the game better.

The libsndio and libcurl-gnutls issues should be fixed in the latest release now. Let me know if you come across anything else.

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A few users have reported issues on openSUSE and Arch Linux. 

The game doesn't start from the itch app:

this is most likely due to libsndio not being installed or version 7 being installed. The app is looking for so installing libsndio and symlinking to should fix that.

next is that the app is looking for libcurl-gnutls, installing and symlinking fixes this. The next release won't use libcurl anyway so this issue should be fixed soon (it's part of a debug feature that is due to be removed).

lastly - 64bit inodes. The app is 64 bit but for some reason there is still a crash when running from a 64 bit file system. A work around is to move the app to a 32bit files system. We'll look into why this is happening and  fix ASAP.

Thanks for the bug reports and for your patience.


Thanks, yeah, you're right, we should post there. I'll head on over right now and do that, thanks.

Hey GoldenBoy,

Yeah, it's gonna be on steam, the page is going through review right now. I'll update when it's available. Thanks for checking the game out.