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gamemodes could be last man standing, king of the hill (or varios other marker based game modes), and some form of hoard survival. i would love it if you used something close to the zombies formula!!!

good job on the full game! i first downloaded when the halmets where the only things that were different colors on teams and im happy to say this game has grown for the better! another suggestion would be the pre-installed maps being colored in future updates.

you should make it to where you can choose who to play as

m8 this is canceled cause i can. the projekt is rkt so i'm gonna star a new fan novel with a prolouge and a chapter already done!

maybe a level editor would be cool further down the line. thanks for taking the time to look at my comment!

would be great with more levels and leader boards. maybe you could get different colored records which change the background music as you play.

hate to jump in, but id oo know that flags still appear in team death match and let you score. dont know if this is a gug or on purpose, just wanna point that out

i wanna play iiiitt

and make dank memes :P

trailer looks cool

40inch moniter+ controllers+ birdsketball= the most fun ever!

a rouph draft that shows the idea will open in a month, it is only for consept.

interesting mechanics!

the zombie part is a tad too hard though, maybe make him see longer.

try changing the amount of coins you start with

JNI, youve done it again!

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send me the link plz

there should be weapon enchantments and xp. xp would increase max health while enchantment would add to weapon damage.

yes please :)

no problem. also, i would like to be able to use my controller


i know that you are working hard, but after playing i relize that most vending machines dont give you guns when you buy them. the ones that do work are the patriot, hunting shotgun, the green pistol, and one other machine gun.

also when there is more than one player the ai is off.

i enjoy your game, and i hope you can fix these things in the next release!

do you wanna play zombies?

zombies mode is more than i expected, now i can play by myself! AI still would be nice and you should make it to where players have to buy doors. keep up the good work!

nice game. some suggestions are:

wave mode (zombies)

multiplayer ai

im on mac

nice and meme. 8/10

moa maps plz

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please add jumpscares. all it shows is the game over screen.

nice consept though.

ps. i think these animatronics are scaryer than the actual game