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The main focus of the game is managing your resources (the numbers/icons on the bottom of the screen). In order to gain resources you must go on "runs" by sending out your runners to various locations that offer different rewards and danger levels. 

Love the art and animations!

You baited me with the hot pirate lady but I had to make her walk the plank.

Hey everyone! I tried to make an INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING video without being too over the top or annoying. I really enjoyed this game and plan on following the development as it progresses. 

If you're interested in watching the video, that would be amazing. Don't forget to follow the developer on Twitter and on here so you can stay up to date with the progress.

I’d have to play it more to see if it’s just me but it could help. 

Just tried it, seem to die awfully fast but maybe I just need to practice more.

Just found this game today, looks interesting! Will you be providing Steam keys to those who purchase on here? Not saying this would affect my purchase, but something to know.