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So Much Information (Feedback Video)

A topic by CoalFire created Oct 10, 2018 Views: 348 Replies: 4
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While it's pretty obvious there are some complex systems at work, from the movement, to the hacking, it's a lot for the player to grasp so quickly and the walls of text on display are both off putting and aggravating. Spending 15 minutes reading exposition, tutorials and character dialogue left me feeling burnt out before the game even started. While the bugs are forgivable in a game this early in development, attempting to showcase mechanics without a good way to teach them left a bad taste in my mouth. There's a ton of potential here, for both the game and the tutorial, and I want the game to feel like it want's me to play it. Detailed feedback at the end of the vid, hope you find it useful!

Your Videos and feedback are always great man. You deserve more attention

Thanks dude!  :)


Fair enough. And I do agree, I don't like the long conversation and tons of popups windows at the start either.

It's pretty tricky to squeeze both the tutorialization and enough of actual content into a single level demo of the game, and people have so different skill levels in gaming making sure those who are not used to holding a controller and those who instinctively know what to do can both have some fun is a challenge.

If it helps knowing, this level is not intended to be the first mission of the final game, there's going to be few levels with backstory and slower (interactive!) introduction to mechanics, mixed in with player being to actually play the game in a bit more balanced way, and at least one shorter proper mission before this one. So in the final game when you get to the start of this level, you'll already know most of the things and we can skip the lengthy and boring tutorial stuff here.

Good to know! It can be a little hard to judge a demo when a tutorial gets wedged into a later level to show everything off.