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This Was absolutely hilarious. great Job

This was cool short little game man

Hey great game man i had a lot of fun

Great game man i had a lot of fun with it

This was a cool little puzzle demo man keep up the great work

This game was alot of fun good job

This is a cool little project i really enjoyed it man keep it up

Great game man i really enjoyed this just like the last one. Absolutely hilarious

This once again was a thrill to play great job and the game

great game

Your Videos and feedback are always great man. You deserve more attention

Great game that was horrifying. His tips really do help. Move without the flashlight and stay crouched. Great Game Dev
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i click install and it continues to ask over and over, I would love to play this demo ive been follwing this game for awhile on indiedb. looks excellent

I feel like im wearing sandbags for feet

Everytime i tried my high ran out always in the same spot no matter how many pumkins i killed

Short and sweet, its funny and simple to do. I did enjoy this

Lets talk about a game is deceiving and gives you a run for your money. Starts off easy and has you thinking what am i playing, until you get 40 coins and good luck with the rest. This game was a lot of fun, if you want a rage well here you go and give this a try. 

This is a complete walkthrough of a great game that has a strong message hidden inside 

This Game makes you jump and the hairs on your arms stand up. Great job dev

This Game was alot of fun with well thought out jump scares. This was only chapter one and i had a great time
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Once again another great game my friend.  I always look forward to your products, Helpful hint anyone that plays. All the graves are off the pathway and when you are getting chased turn off your light and you will escape them quicker

Great Game. Didnt last to long and i wish it was longer but i had alot of fun. Good Job Dev

Ya not a problem man

Overall Good beta a few bugs that you can see in the gameplay, and maybe some more ammo may be a good thing, Had fun

Hey This Looks Great a few books that will show in the gameplay but overall looks amazing

This game is awesome and is has a stronger message then what most might think. This game delivers the struggle of being a developer in a game form (also mentioned in the description above) with the ups and downs of the project. Ive never seen a game like this before. Absolutely incredible. Props To you game Devs. Looking forward to your next project.

no worries man i had a great time

I dont speak portugese but i was able to finish and beat the game. I really enjoyed this product. Great job 

This game is alot of fun. Great job dev

I dont think i was suppose to find this ending without the 7 keys unless its a secret. Anyways I finished the game and i really enjoy the product man. Good job

This Game is funny of how dumb the robots actually are. I dont know if they are intended to do that or not. But its a challenge to get them to work together. Good Job on the game Devs

Before I'm Posting this i Finished the demo and the game looks amazing. I did not record the entire gameplay because i feel like you should try this game. You wont regret it. Great job dev

This Game was alot of fun and challenging as well. Great Job on the game dev

This Game is hilarious, i really wish it was longer. Good Job Dev