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Ya not a problem man

Overall Good beta a few bugs that you can see in the gameplay, and maybe some more ammo may be a good thing, Had fun

Hey This Looks Great a few books that will show in the gameplay but overall looks amazing

This game is awesome and is has a stronger message then what most might think. This game delivers the struggle of being a developer in a game form (also mentioned in the description above) with the ups and downs of the project. Ive never seen a game like this before. Absolutely incredible. Props To you game Devs. Looking forward to your next project.

no worries man i had a great time

I dont speak portugese but i was able to finish and beat the game. I really enjoyed this product. Great job 

This game is alot of fun. Great job dev

This Is alot of fun. My highest i got to was 15 though. Alot of roses to collect but that is what makes it challenging. Good Job Dev

I dont think i was suppose to find this ending without the 7 keys unless its a secret. Anyways I finished the game and i really enjoy the product man. Good job

This Game is funny of how dumb the robots actually are. I dont know if they are intended to do that or not. But its a challenge to get them to work together. Good Job on the game Devs

Before I'm Posting this i Finished the demo and the game looks amazing. I did not record the entire gameplay because i feel like you should try this game. You wont regret it. Great job dev

This Game was alot of fun and challenging as well. Great Job on the game dev

This Game is hilarious, i really wish it was longer. Good Job Dev


Game Is legit and fun to have a contest amongest your friend. Great game man

I definitely enjoyed this one man. Every 2-3 weeks I know a great product is coming out from you. Great job on the game.

Short very short but i did enjoy this.  It is comical at the end and the little head for the king is hilarious. Keep up the good work
Jointless community · Created a new topic Bugs

Hey Man I was going to do a gameplay on this but the movement controls get stuck for long periods of time where you cant move.  Its Freezes Everytime after i shoot my second Finger. Great Idea and i look forward to coming back

This Game was fun and i like the way on how it was created. Great Job on the game

I had a great experience with this game. Mechanics are easy enough to get around. Overall a great game

I was very confused, unless this only happened to me than im just the 1%

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you can tweet it to me my friend i wont really be checking this message post anymore

This Is the way to make money right hahaha. Good game i enjoyed playing

I bought this game on here, extracted it. You get to the start screen. press continue and somehow someway i end up at the fucking steam page asking for me to buy it again. How Does this happen please explain

Any Future games that any developer wants tested please tweet me @EyeDisconnecte1

This game is short but definitely worth playing. I couldnt stop laughing, the gameplay is great. Great Job on the game

You want the ultimate rage game ever, well here you go. Its right here. Good luck, actually good fucking luck my fellow mates. Gameplay Starts At 5:45

Hey not a problem give me a few days and ill have it up

ok sounds good 

This Game was very different to the games I normally play but i still really enjoyed it. Good job on the game and i hope you make more of this

This game was outstanding. Your team did an amazing job on this game. Its not a full walkthrough by any means, i had fun playing and exploring

Yes This game was alot better than i was expecting great job my friend

Haha Good to see you with another game my friend, This one is just as good as the last. question....Is there supposed to be music in the background because i didnt hear anything. Also my bad on the switching of the weapons. I was hitting 1 and 2, not Q. Alot of fun though man

This Game Was A Blast Man Great Job

ya man no worries give me a couple of days and ill have it u

Hey man sorry about that i wasnt trying to come off as a dick by any means. Im sorry if i did offend you or if it came off like that. It wasnt  overall a bad experience. Only Reason why i posted the video was to show you my issues, not to bring any hate or negativity towards your game. As a gaming community it is never to demoralize a creator. I really feel like this game has a lot of potential. Yes I'm excited to test it again my friend. Once again i am sorry good sir and give me a couple of days.

Ya not a problem man. The game is awesome in general. I think im going to use the keyboard the next go round

Iode Demo community · Created a new topic Iode The DeMO
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This Is a cool little project. I enjoyed this game. I definitely think some work should be added to it but overall a good start

There Graphics are on point, the idea and concept are great. the way you built the platform is incredible. My only issue came when I was trying to switch between elements. I was able to do it once but not when i needed to again. Ultimately that was part of the reason why i quit and only did ten mins. I love the game and idea though. Great job

Great game Man Looking forward for future games