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Thanks EetuH - You'll be pleased to know this is actually something we have been addressing and fixing up ever since this demo came out a year ago, character and camera movement especially. We are a way off of a final UI pass while we are still nailing down mechanics but scrolling menu support for controllers in the Unity engine is just not well supported and will probably be something we switch out for pages, either way there are fixes on the way and we recognise the reasons your frustrations.

Not sure if we will do an updated demo here, but if you are up for joining the Semaeopus Discord ( then I'm sure we'll be able to let you know when we have made these improvements and the controls are ready for a second round of feedback during public BETAS.

Thanks for taking the time to play and share your feedback.



Sorry to hear that.

It seems like the build is working fine for everyone else so whatever is the reason might be something more specific to your machine. If you can, could you grab the player log file (from C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Semaeopus\Off Grid\output_log.txt) and post it here or send to us ( and we'll take a look if we can spot something.

Yep, seems to be an unfortunate combination of Gnome Shell's latest versions being a bit overzealous with this popup (I get the same for almost every heavier application I start), and Unity's splash screen feature.  If it stays as an issue in the long run we can always just ditch Unity's splash screen stuff and build out own, but for now I'd actually wait and see if Gnome gets it back to a bit better balance again...

there is no multi-volume. That sounds like an issue with corrupted download or something. Or, if you used a USB drive to move the .zip from another machine, possibly unplugging the USB drive without safely removing it first.

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Would you mind sending us a log file to check what's going wrong for you? You should find one  in ~/.config/unity3d/Semaeopus/OffGrid/player.log. Just send it to support(at) and I'll take a look. The build's been tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with proprietary nVidia drivers, at the moment I really wouldn't expect the open-source nVidia drivers to handle it. And as far as I'm aware, others have ran it in Ubuntu and Arch at least without any problems.

Fair enough. And I do agree, I don't like the long conversation and tons of popups windows at the start either.

It's pretty tricky to squeeze both the tutorialization and enough of actual content into a single level demo of the game, and people have so different skill levels in gaming making sure those who are not used to holding a controller and those who instinctively know what to do can both have some fun is a challenge.

If it helps knowing, this level is not intended to be the first mission of the final game, there's going to be few levels with backstory and slower (interactive!) introduction to mechanics, mixed in with player being to actually play the game in a bit more balanced way, and at least one shorter proper mission before this one. So in the final game when you get to the start of this level, you'll already know most of the things and we can skip the lengthy and boring tutorial stuff here.

That is certainly weird. As far as settings on our side go, everything seems to be fine and there's nothing in place to stop anyone from dowlaading it. And I just tested all the download links and they seem fine to me. What kind of window or message tells you it's prohibited? Something from, or could it be something else? Which version are you trying to download?

Thanks, glad to hear you didn't run into any bigger issues with the demo. It's still pretty rough in places, but we should get things polished by the release. (especially if the kickstarter goes as well as it has started!) And nice video, we'll make sure to share it around if you are fine with that?

Sorry to hear that. Which platform are you running it on? Also, there's a currently fair bit of a delay after the loading progress reaches 100% and before it *actually* has loaded everything, have you tried just leaving it for a bit and not clicking anything?