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Some Feedback

A topic by EetuH created Oct 19, 2019 Views: 298 Replies: 1
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I tested the game now, and was quite impressed by it. The idea is great and the game works without crashing.

However, the controls suck, both on keyboard and on controller, they are not comfortable. When trying to look somewhere, the game automatically corrects itself, making looking around impossible. The menus don't work on controller (cant scroll down) and half of the button presses are unregistered.

I really like this project, however you could make the controls a little better. Then the game would be playable, but until then, I won't touch this game.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks EetuH - You'll be pleased to know this is actually something we have been addressing and fixing up ever since this demo came out a year ago, character and camera movement especially. We are a way off of a final UI pass while we are still nailing down mechanics but scrolling menu support for controllers in the Unity engine is just not well supported and will probably be something we switch out for pages, either way there are fixes on the way and we recognise the reasons your frustrations.

Not sure if we will do an updated demo here, but if you are up for joining the Semaeopus Discord ( then I'm sure we'll be able to let you know when we have made these improvements and the controls are ready for a second round of feedback during public BETAS.

Thanks for taking the time to play and share your feedback.