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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios

Steam key?

A topic by Violette created Sep 27, 2018 Views: 322 Replies: 12
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I bought  the game the last year and it said I should get a Steam key upon release.

Where is it?


Thanks for your support. I tried to send them this morning to everyone who did not sign up for the beta key but there were some issues with the mailer tool i was using to do the mail merge. I'll try again shortly. 

No problem :)

Good Luck!

Yep,  i'm waiting to ^^' 


Did you get it?


Just wanted to check in and be sure you got the keys. Send us an email through the website if you still didn't!

Nothing here...

Sending email ^^

email sent ! :D



Thank you  ^__^


Same ! :D


YAY ;)

Hey, I sort of forgot about this one for a bit, but I joined a couple years ago after AWA (Gave some feedback ages ago too.) I'm sure I forgot to sign up for a beta key but there any way I can do that?


Hey Zoe, thanks for the support. We can certainly get you a key if you can send us an email and let us know the email address you used when you bought it (if you are not sure just email and we can figure it out!)