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In EA on Steam this month 

Nice game, liked the graphic style and the gameplay, was short but good ! 

Why are you so aggressive ? Can't you speak with people without insult them ? I just said there is another episode planned, so it's normal that people are waiting for it if they like the game, that's it, but if you can't understand something that simple, there's no point to talking with you... 

PS : look at the games you play before saying something like that, and I'm surely younger than you old man, so watch behind your back when you walk alone in the night, like you said, you never know, a hunter might already follow you

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There is a Episode 6 planned, you would know that if you had searched, and like OP said no news since September, but since you didn't, you talk for nothing, sad :/ 

Awesome, I can't wait, the first version si already amazing ! 

Awesome, can't wait the EA ! :D

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Vraiment excellent, j'ai vraiment énormément adoré ! Que ce soit la DA de Absentia, l'ambiance, les épreuves, le magasin avec la musique qui rend FOU à force de l'entendre et les commentaires qui mettent encore plus dans l'ambiance, bonne idée d'utiliser l'éclairage pour guider le joueur, et très bonne opti également, non vraiment excellent boulot à vous 3, surtout pour votre premier jeu sur UE4, très original, rien à dire c'est nickel ! 

PS : le nouveau lien fonctionne parfaitement bien

Juste un petit truc, à "l'epreuve 3" (le gif juste en dessous) la première fois que j'ai atterri sur une plateforme elle n'a fait que descendre (logique) car je n'ai pas eu le reflexe de sauter sur la suivante, et j'ai donc attendu pour voir si j'allais réapparaitre dans le magasin, ce qui n'était pas le cas, je suis donc descendu / tombé de la plateforme pour forcer la réapparition et rien, juste du rouge partout, à part ça RAS !

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The concept|is super ! Me|like it :D

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The concept|is super ! Me|like it :D

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The concept|is super ! Me|like it :D

Good game but the footstep are very annoying

Amazing game ! 

This was AMAZING !!! :D 

Love it ! <3

Totally WTF and I love it ! :D

Excellent game (special thanks to the passage in dark room, little hard but so pleasant to succeed) !! :D

Same ! :D

email sent ! :D

Yep,  i'm waiting to ^^' 

Next time, use your eyes and your brain..

Un beau boulot les gars ! L'ambiance est vraiment sympas et les jeux de lumières + brouillard, surtout la fin, dur de s'y attendre.. rien à dire, hâte de voir la suite qui a l'air plus que prometteuse !

I've one question to,  a translation in others languages, not necessarily made by you, but by anybody who wants to do that ?  it's something possible ? 

One of the best tactical game I've play,  and it becomes more better with every build !! :D  

The evolution is crazy between the first version and the last ones ..

Ho fuck yeah ! I love this game :3

Go download ! 

It's amazing work ! I love MF ! Maybe a sequel ? 

Keep up the good work ! 

Houaw!  It's been a while since I have not played and the updates seem rather awesome! Apparently I have a lot of new things to see so...  I'll go play ! 

From what I can say until now, it's really a very good game! It gets better and better! Continue like that ! :D

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This becomes interesting ! Good idea  the Status Effects and I like the news items !  The game will become  more realistic and more difficult, more tactics, better and better with all that !

I don't regret my purchase! I love this game !  ^^

Hooo yeaaaaah !! That's seems  great :D

I try it as soon as I can!

Ho, a "Deleted post" after mine, it's cool.. x) 

I'm in the third area right now but, I'll give you my feedback about the Cultists when I'll meet them !

I have a question, can you add the possibility to always move the camera, even during the enemy turn ?  I have choose "manual pan camera" option and it's frustrating not be able to move it and not to see whats the enemy do :/ 

PS . I don't understand what it is "reverse drag"

Ho yeaaah! It's fantastic ! I already love this build !!

Defer Turn + New tutorial + Recruit Screen are the ones I was hoping for, especially the "defer turn" and the customization ! It's a good news for the new tuto ! 

I will follow (and play it, of course) DOE and its updates until it's finished !  

I like this game, continue the updates like that ! : D

I will give you my feedback when I could !

- A French fan who tries to speak English correctly (sorry if I'm wrong) :') -  

"for some reason after i started it up it just crashes"

It's the same thing for me, or, when it don't crash, I can see water and maybe a little piece of.. beach ? I don't know.. and I can move the camera a little, under and over water. That's weird. 

Maybe (in the future) add more differents types / skins of zombies, new buildings and differents to explore, and a thing that annoying me, the sound when we shoot on a zombie, it's horrible.. ^^'  

He's move his head, it's a start.. :')

Okay thanks !

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Hey, first, good luck for the devellopement, second, I have a question, I juste played the latest version and it's normal that the zombie spawner spawn 40 zombies in one second every 3 seconds to infinity when we approach hit ? x') 

Your game is pretty cool, I go follow it, continu like that !