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A jam submission

GlitchphobiaView game page

What are you afraid of?
Submitted by biszop, ImaginaryBlend — 2 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline

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Glitchphobia's page

Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
Mouse + keyboard:
Mouse to look
WSAD to move
Space to jump

Left Stick to move
Right Stick to look
A to Jump (Xbox)

ESC to Quit the game

Link to Gameplay Footage

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Aquatic surface from our team member Krystian Komisarek:

Some animation from epic starter pack:

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Interesting tech demo. Would be cool to see it expanded into a real game. Twitch playthrough.


Excellent game (special thanks to the passage in dark room, little hard but so pleasant to succeed) !! :D


Really appreciate you liked it :)  It was our  culmination point that best underlines whole idea behind the game.


Winner here! It's super simple, but when you play it you are like "OMG, IT'S GENIUS!". Trailer encouraged me to play, doesn't spoil anything, congratz.


Thank you for your kind words sir! Although we didn't make it to the finals,  thanks to people like you now we are 100% sure that we did something unique, and will certainly continue to work on it in near future.

(1 edit) (+1)

Who are you brother/sister? You came out of nowhere with this really cool game :O


HI. Haven't much time lately after the jam, so is why our response is that late :) It may seems strange, we are really new here and it may looks like we are from nowhere, but are in fact game developers veterans ;) Anyway, many thanks for your appreciation.


Looking good!


My Man!


Slow down! :D