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Hi. Sorry for let you waiting so long for the answer, had been really busy lately. I will send you email from ar** on email you provided below.

Congratulation! Maybe you just found the real ending, or maybe it's just a bug... or a glitch... you never know :)

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game and thank you very much for the invitation. It would be great to participate in yours competition, we will certainly apply :)

We are working on full game, and already have some new levels, I won't say anything that will spoil you the fun, but I can assure you that they will be even more amazing and more twisted that you can imagine :) We are also posting teasers of new levels from time to time on our twitter account.  Head to 

One can never be too late for Glitching ;) Great video btw. :)

Where is the highscore leaderboars? I waaaant it :> 


Thanks you. It means a lot to us! We will definitely put out full version from it.

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Thanks for your appreciation! Will work on that soon sir!

Thank you for your kind words sir! Although we didn't make it to the finals,  thanks to people like you now we are 100% sure that we did something unique, and will certainly continue to work on it in near future.

Really appreciate you liked it :)  It was our  culmination point that best underlines whole idea behind the game.

My Man!

HI. Haven't much time lately after the jam, so is why our response is that late :) It may seems strange, we are really new here and it may looks like we are from nowhere, but are in fact game developers veterans ;) Anyway, many thanks for your appreciation.

We just published a game for Epic MegaJam, and are realy proud of it!

Game Page

Epic MegaJam Page

Gameplay trailer: 

Quick intro:

Immerse yourself into unstable reality.
In order to get out you must exploit glitch in a world around you.
You can be sure of one thing, any rules you known no longer exist!!
Do you have a courage to dip in it?

Play and enjoy!