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Who are you brother/sister? You came out of nowhere with this really cool game :O

Was no big issue, just a little 'what the' moment. Anyway, the game is literally a masterpiece. Visuals are absolutely beautiful! (already said that when giving the game 5 stars, but somehow people downvoted me for pointing out the weird packaging, like... is this not the right place to ask about this or why the hate?) <3

Unplayable for me. Maxed out texture pool even on low settings on my NVIDIA 1060 3gb.

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Didn't play it yet, but what is this folder structure. Zip in a zip? After unzipping everything the game is under Liff/Liff/Liff_Release_02/Liff_Release_02/WindowsNoEditor/Inkstain, like... ?! :)

Have to share my opinion. Game looks great, but the execution and the demo have some critical flaws and it's shame that this is the only representation of the game. 

What's up with the Shield bar? I can only block once anyway. Took me a while (a minute or so) to realize I have to wait till it fills up to use it again (mostly because game doesn't tell me and  introduced me to another feature already).

Player doesn't know how much health the boss has left.

Camera sometimes snaps, looks like gimbal lock.

The menu is confusing, player doesn't know on which button he is if only 2 options are available.

You can't skip the intro with escape/space/enter/start button.

Music got repetitive pretty fast like that.

Really tried to give the game some chances, but the above critics made me give up pretty fast. Again, I feel it's a shame, because the game looks like it has a lot of potential, but kids are spoiled these days and the demo should be smooth as silk.

Yeah, that link is working, but the download button is sending me to the "Thanks for downloading" page where it should start in some seconds. Unfortunately, it's stuck there. You have to manually enable pop-ups to make it work. But other games just works fine. Might be size related, idk.

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Weird, the download seems to be broken for me on Chrome and Firefox. Just downloaded other games on itch and it was fine.

First try, first place.. that was ez :3