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The animations (characters and VFX) combined with that music are on the highest level possible. I literally enjoyed every second of it. I can't thank you enough for sharing this beauty! <3

Art was quite interesting. 3d models and especially the liquid VFX was enjoying to watch.

The combat has no depth, you just spam X for smaller enemies or spam R2 and run away from bigger enemies. Not sure if it's because of time constraint, but def. make AI more interesting instead of spawning more enemies to artificially increase difficulty. Enemy shields could last longer, so you actually have to wait/evade until the right moment. Then strike with R2, but make cast time longer and attack stronger. Just 1 idea. Also change attack speed on X + direction attacks. Maybe X + forward is faster, but deals less damage. Visual change is not enough variation for my taste.

I couldn't detect any sound issues, it was fitting and smooth. Great job I think.

A little bit nitpicking on the gameplay, but I'm really thankful for playing this game. These students really raising the bar every damn year <3

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Thanks for playing the game and pointing out the bugs! <3

It should be possible to restart the game with R, but it was only mentioned on the submission page, so I'm sorry I failed to implement this hint in the game :/ Besides, it would still reset the game to level 1, so not much difference anyway :(

And yeah, the win condition check is after every move and only checked for puddle and burned tiles. I was shocked when I saw it on Shadowrivers twitch stream (the guy who plays every game). Thanks for reminding me, I made a notice on the submission page. <3

Really LOVED this one, but I'm very confused that such a strong entry is comming from someone with a new itch account. You got a twitter or something, I would love to follow you, because this is amazing stuff <3

Even though it's just an extension of the rolling ball template, it's pretty solid. The control adjustments are nice and every other addition to fit the theme is executed well.

*unrelated to the game: I'm kinda jealous that you did the music, too :)

Game developer: Making a solid gamejam entry
Copyright: Let me introduce myself 3:45

Jokes aside, even though I don't like slow air control the shooting and mirror reflecting was a nice addition to the platforming. And heck, you even had the time to make a boss battle with 2 stages <3

Art/code/music all on a solid level. Good managing of dev time and polishing the "right things" to deliver a good player experience :)

Solid entry!  <3

Interesting tech entry . I assume you implemented voxels from scratch?

Besides, that's some high quality easter egg :D

The 3d models are cool, especially lumberjack. Boss is neat too.

Sadly, the boss got stuck in a tree and was easy prey for me :D

Spend a lot of time farming and wished the dev focus would have been on making a function to automatically farm while holding the farm button.

Soundo, sugoi desu ne :D

Insane doggy animations!

And yeah, I really dig the intro <3

Well, I like that I could play a friggin' dragon :D

I wished the game would simply stay in 3rd person and collecting 50! eggs to maybe see an ending, if one exist is a little bit 2 much for my taste to test it out :)

So, you're telling me this guy has a square head, square footprints, but his upper body is a dorito shape? :D

Jokes aside, I liked the humor and smiled a few times :)

Thanks for playing the game! <3 I completely agree with the restart. I had the idea to use level streaming to transition from puzzles, so player end position is the start position for the next puzzle. I thought it will be 2 complicated to implement a reset and put focus somewhere else. Now when I think about it, I just needed to unload and load the current map and only reset player position, sorry! <3

Pretty cool strand type game :) I'm kinda annoyed by the movement though. When I stick myself with the bottom and move forward, sometimes the cone stops movement half way, feels like gimbal lock or something. Either way, I would love to simply press forward at that moment and actually move forward.

Any chance to compile this, so I don't have to install java? <3

Looking at the timer I was hoping it has an end. But after 5 min nothing happened. At least I had enough time to find the joke "Dusch nass". Surprisingly, never heard of it before :D

Glad I could also play it alone :) Was fun to explore what actually is possible with the mechanics. Sadly, I also got stuck after the vine hook like Kris24 for the same reason. Restart also didn't help.

For my taste, the progression is 2 slow. I only had 3 plants and already had the desire to plant 5 new ones.

Thank you for playing!
Working on roll movement right now, but after reading your comment, I'll put guiding the player on top priority <3.
Objective of the game is still a little open and I'm happy for any/more suggestions :)

Thanks for playing and the kind words, even though the single screenshot was not promising! <3
I overscoped a little and put another 2 days on it already :)
Will check out your and other games as soon as I finish polishing. Just wanted to say thank you, your words keep me pushing forward つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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Made a postjam update ( to include keyboard controls and...

- fixed minigame 2 (previous Quick time event was not resetting the timer and lead to very short reaction time)

- made projectiles bounce and fixed collision with employees

- using random stream for all minigames

- made everything destructible except some tea pots at minigame 5

- disabled collision of destructible meshes, so player and employees won't get stuck

- made sound loop and added the correct soundfile for minigame 5

- packaged with Blueprint Nativization

Accidentally moved right again at the end, instantly skipping the resolve I think. Please give it another confirmation button :(

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Who are you brother/sister? You came out of nowhere with this really cool game :O

Was no big issue, just a little 'what the' moment. Anyway, the game is literally a masterpiece. Visuals are absolutely beautiful! (already said that when giving the game 5 stars, but somehow people downvoted me for pointing out the weird packaging, like... is this not the right place to ask about this or why the hate?) <3

Unplayable for me. Maxed out texture pool even on low settings on my NVIDIA 1060 3gb.

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Didn't play it yet, but what is this folder structure. Zip in a zip? After unzipping everything the game is under Liff/Liff/Liff_Release_02/Liff_Release_02/WindowsNoEditor/Inkstain, like... ?! :)

Have to share my opinion. Game looks great, but the execution and the demo have some critical flaws and it's shame that this is the only representation of the game. 

What's up with the Shield bar? I can only block once anyway. Took me a while (a minute or so) to realize I have to wait till it fills up to use it again (mostly because game doesn't tell me and  introduced me to another feature already).

Player doesn't know how much health the boss has left.

Camera sometimes snaps, looks like gimbal lock.

The menu is confusing, player doesn't know on which button he is if only 2 options are available.

You can't skip the intro with escape/space/enter/start button.

Music got repetitive pretty fast like that.

Really tried to give the game some chances, but the above critics made me give up pretty fast. Again, I feel it's a shame, because the game looks like it has a lot of potential, but kids are spoiled these days and the demo should be smooth as silk.

Yeah, that link is working, but the download button is sending me to the "Thanks for downloading" page where it should start in some seconds. Unfortunately, it's stuck there. You have to manually enable pop-ups to make it work. But other games just works fine. Might be size related, idk.

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Weird, the download seems to be broken for me on Chrome and Firefox. Just downloaded other games on itch and it was fine.

First try, first place.. that was ez :3