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Art was quite interesting. 3d models and especially the liquid VFX was enjoying to watch.

The combat has no depth, you just spam X for smaller enemies or spam R2 and run away from bigger enemies. Not sure if it's because of time constraint, but def. make AI more interesting instead of spawning more enemies to artificially increase difficulty. Enemy shields could last longer, so you actually have to wait/evade until the right moment. Then strike with R2, but make cast time longer and attack stronger. Just 1 idea. Also change attack speed on X + direction attacks. Maybe X + forward is faster, but deals less damage. Visual change is not enough variation for my taste.

I couldn't detect any sound issues, it was fitting and smooth. Great job I think.

A little bit nitpicking on the gameplay, but I'm really thankful for playing this game. These students really raising the bar every damn year <3