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Jolt: Fully Charged available now!

A topic by Darkera Studios created Sep 22, 2018 Views: 149 Replies: 2
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It's time to save the world from calamity in this loveletter to 16-bit era gaming! 

Lost Lagoon

The player will travel through 10+ stages in their escape from their pursuer, the vile Professor Ohm.

Jolt: Fully Charged is made in the image of 16-bit era platformers, and functions the way you would expect it to. Your goal is to reach the end of each level, defeat the boss, and continue onto the next stage. Where things differ, however, is Jolt's ability to become intangible and phase through enemies and hazards with his signature Bolt Dash.  Combined with his wall jump and double jump, the player has many different approaches to situations they'll encounter. 

Rocket Repository

Press Z to enter a Bolt Dash, turning intangible and phasing through enemies and attacks as you continue your escape.

While this may seem like an easy challenge, where Jolt differs from most platformers is that the character's health is carried through each of the stages (since they are being pursued by the main antagonist). This means that exploration is the only way to recover health, but doing so comes with its own risks!

Can you stop the vile Professor Ohm?

Corroded Capital

Each level comes with vibrant backgrounds, 16-bit era music, and adventure to be had!

Download it for free below!

Game is very nice and takes me back to  the day... Good work!!!!

Thank you!

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