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Sweet! Glad you had fun!

Great work!

Be sure to check out version 1.1, now with 100% more saving AND streamer-friendly!

Funny you should mention the save system.

We actually just made a post on our devlog announcing the save system to be coming in the next update, since its a popular request. We'll let you know when we post it up!

Thank you! We're hoping to provide a complete experience to the game with as little problems as possible. 

Be sure to give us feedback if there's something you want us to know!

Thank you so much for this!  It was thanks to people like you that we were able to fine-tune the game and make a better experience!

Apologies for the late reply, we're working out some issues with our systems.

You found a BETA Unit! Excellent! 
There's a special prize for defeating all of them across the game, but progress defeating them saves even when the game is quit. This means if you miss one in one run, you can try again in another. 

There's also one for collecting all of the batteries in one run, which is more difficult as far as exploration, but at least the batteries don't fight you back like the BETAs do. 

All in all, great video! We love it!

We can't wait to hear all the details!

Ah, we were all waiting for this! You were the first one to showcase the game, so we love seeing your reaction to the old vs. finished product! 
We can't wait to see more!

Thank you!

Thank you very much for you honest opinions! We'll use this feedback to produce better games in the future. 

Thank you for checking out our game!

We apologize for this error and are looking into it. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. 

Thank you for checking out our game!

We'd love to get the game released on steam, however we need a little more exposure and resources before we can. There's a paywall to get one's game onto steam, and we'll need a bit more attention before we can climb over it. Still, we're optimistic!

Actually, I'd like to clarify. There is a manual that comes with the game in the downloads section. 

It's time to save the world from calamity in this loveletter to 16-bit era gaming! 

Lost Lagoon

The player will travel through 10+ stages in their escape from their pursuer, the vile Professor Ohm.

Jolt: Fully Charged is made in the image of 16-bit era platformers, and functions the way you would expect it to. Your goal is to reach the end of each level, defeat the boss, and continue onto the next stage. Where things differ, however, is Jolt's ability to become intangible and phase through enemies and hazards with his signature Bolt Dash.  Combined with his wall jump and double jump, the player has many different approaches to situations they'll encounter. 

Rocket Repository

Press Z to enter a Bolt Dash, turning intangible and phasing through enemies and attacks as you continue your escape.

While this may seem like an easy challenge, where Jolt differs from most platformers is that the character's health is carried through each of the stages (since they are being pursued by the main antagonist). This means that exploration is the only way to recover health, but doing so comes with its own risks!

Can you stop the vile Professor Ohm?

Corroded Capital

Each level comes with vibrant backgrounds, 16-bit era music, and adventure to be had!

Download it for free below!

Press the Z key to go through dialogue. The different versions are all the same content wise. If you're having performance issues, using the 16-bit version would be recommended.

Thank you!

Dear Spudcats, 

Thank you so much for your let's play of our demo! We loved what we saw and we are planning to take the time to help refine the game to help players better understand the mechanics as well as fine tweak some things. The lead director and myself (the PR manager) was watching your let's play and were fine-tuning it as we speak. 

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to provide your feedback. If at all possible, the members at Darkera Studios are curious as to if it would be alright if we shared your let's play video across our social media platforms as well as a link to your channel? We're looking for any avenues we can to help increase the outreach of our game as well as improve the final product, which includes supporting content creators wherever we can. 

Please let us know as soon as possible, we want to help you as you have helped us!

Either way, you have our thanks. 

Sincerely, Darkera Studios

Hello there! 

We would love to hear more about the Game Development World Championship! We're looking any avenues we can to give exposure to our game. If possible, would you be willing to email us the details and how we may submit the game to the contest?