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Rendering Burst only?

A topic by Peter Morgan created Sep 17, 2018 Views: 535 Replies: 5
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I know how to render the animation playing, but can't figure out how to just render a burst only. Is this possible, and if so please advise how I can do it.

Me too. I think this feature could be optimized since I'm guessing a lot of users would prefer to render one single burst like explosions. Also could need an updated tutorial!

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Yep, tutorial in progress ;)


For that you need to set the delay start in particles close to finish.

I will do some tutorial about it due is some tricky!


Here is a tutorial that how create a explosion, that is just a burst if is what you want to do:

Thank you very much for the tutorial @Kronbits :D

(I hope in next ones you also add a voice over, or/and subtitles, or at lease some kind of "click feedback" so we can follow the tutorials easier, anyway good job)