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1,200 levels and hundreds of hidden bonuses in Bouapha's greatest adventure! · By Hamumu

Variables for Time

A topic by SebastianSk created Aug 30, 2018 Views: 151 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone, I don't know whether anyone can help me, but I am having a shot in the dark here. Does anyone know what the variables for time are that have been implemented in version 8.0d of Supreme? I remember that in this big update variables that relate to the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years were instituted in the game's editor, but I cannot remember them. Any help would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, I remember hearing something about those, but I also have no idea what their names were. I remember seeing something about time of day at some point, but maybe that was taken out? Let me know if you ever figured it out.

Here's some advice from SpaceManiac:

"Experiment to determine the exact values these variables take. Advise only using these for little fun bonuses, NOT collectibles such as candles or keychains.

DM - month
DD - day of the month
DY - year
DW - day of the week
CH - hour
CM - minute
CS - second"

Best of luck!