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Hello Food Eater, it is nice to see someone who is enthusiastic about world building. Indeed, it seems as if the community is very sparse, more sparse than Siberia. However, if you have any new worlds made by you or your children, I would be very much happy to test them and to provide tips for improving levels and the overall design of any worlds. I myself used to design worlds for SWC, I also tested several. It is sad to see the community become downgraded, I have had many memories with this game. I am currently a university student now, but if you would be interested in my testing services then I would be much enthused to have a crack at any worlds you may send me.

Kind regards!

Hello everyone, I don't know whether anyone can help me, but I am having a shot in the dark here. Does anyone know what the variables for time are that have been implemented in version 8.0d of Supreme? I remember that in this big update variables that relate to the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years were instituted in the game's editor, but I cannot remember them. Any help would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, if you want the newer worlds I am designing I am afraid there will be a wait. But I will try to pick up the pace with finishing them. However, if you are interested in some old worlds that have never made the addons list, would you consider these:

Halloween Horror 13 - RR:

Back in the days when the forum was still around, I do not know whether you would know this piece of trivia or not, there would be annual world building contests held for a particular theme. Starting in August/September and ending in October, the Halloween Horror theme was one of four where world builders or onlookers would suggest names for levels and then there would be polls where nine of the most popular names would be chosen and people would have to design levels based on those names. Having only been tested once, this is one of the lesser known worlds of the Hamumu community designed by me as it has never made it to the addons page due to lack of testers. However, if you would like to include it in your game but you do not like the title, I would not be offended if you would rename it.

World of Lunacy:

Another lesser known world, but it was designed by a friend of mine from Brazil. It is one of those worlds that had pushed the editor to its limits with some very enjoyable and challenging levels.

Yearly Merge I:

This yearly world merge has levels from four authors including me, and it was initially supposed to run for a few more years. However, due to lack of new members in the original hamumu fora and the reality of university of career time investments that the old members had to be responsible for this was the only world produced in of the series. Though be that as it may, it has some quite challenging gameplay and the levels could be considered some very good gems. Again, if you would like to include it but do not like the name then by all means you can rename it. I do not mind name changes that much, as I would prefer to see these worlds put to good use or appreciated than forgotten forever.

Wish me luck in developing further worlds. I too have become one of those members who is bogged down with university and life-related responsibilities, however I will try to finish as many worlds as possible during the holidays as I do not want to end up being a Leonardo Da Vinci. I hope you find these worlds listed enjoyable.

That sounds really exciting. So I see you are doing a revamped version of the original game? If I may, may I contribute some level designs for the game? I have a lot of level ideas at the moment, that I am currently making into reality using the editor of version 8.0d of Dr. L SWC but I would be happy to share them with you for you to make them part of Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Vegetables if you want.

Hello everyone, this is SebastianSk who used to be a member on the Hamumu Forum known as REACTOR (admittedly I was not the best online user and I was immature back then, but now I think I have improved). Seeing that Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese has been made public for free I have decided to try advertising some worlds again to see whether anyone would be interested. I have designed a page to be a holder of these worlds that I have worked with with other people or that are solely my own which are available on my website for download: Now that I am having a long-term break from university studies, I am thinking of finishing all incomplete worlds in one go. But for the meantime, please tell me what you think of the uploaded worlds hosted thus far.