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Oh, good to know. I haven't needed to download the game from as of yet!

This game always had some nice ambience to it for some reason

One of my favorite Hamumu games. I have so many fond memories of this one!

I just now realized that this game is essentially a compilation of every other 3D Hamumu game with a couple of fun RPG mechanics thrown in. I'd recommend playing it if you haven't had a chance and are a fan of Mike's other games!

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Not sure where to post this, but this is (arguably) the page for Mike Hommel's most popular game, so I'll throw it here: Do we know anything about the fate of the SWC forums, or anything about the Hamumu forum pages for that matter? There was a lot of SWC content there that is now potentially lost, such as the updated version of SWC and some beta versions of interesting worlds that utilized the new content that was introduced (i.e. Gloom Valley). I hope that we can at least access some sort of legacy-version of the forums at some point, or even better, if the forum returns after the re-redesign of the old site.

I don't have access to Dr. L at the moment so I can't look at the world in the editor, but have you tried completing the final level again? It's possible that the key appears right after you beat the final boss (possibly inside the level itself). If that doesn't work, I'll check out it out myself.

Hopefully the updated version (8.0 beta I think?) isn't just lost and gone, especially since I've been working on a world utilizing those specials for over a year now! I still have it installed and I'm using it at least once a week, but I have no idea how I would upload the patch (or if I even could!).