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I realize this post is from half a year ago, but in case you're still interested, SpaceManiac's version fixes this issue, though it's a little more tedious to get up and running. When you get to the final step, remember to type "./run supreme --fullscreen" (without the quotes).

SpaceManiac's HamSandwich version doesn't have this issue, though running it takes a little more effort this way:

So glad to find this game again after so many years! As silly as it sounds, as a kid I used to boot this game up just to appreciate its environments and sound design. It may not be a big deal these days, but back then ambient sounds were pretty rare (for the games I played anyway) and really made this game stand out in memory. The sci-fi atmosphere also added to the experience, and I'm sure this game at least partially shaped my interests today. So once again, thanks for uploading this, it actually means a lot!

Oh yeah, I remember hearing something about those, but I also have no idea what their names were. I remember seeing something about time of day at some point, but maybe that was taken out? Let me know if you ever figured it out.

A lot of the suggestions here can actually already be added using some creative specials, like increasing health via pickups and changing your playable character. I've found that using a combination of tagging your player and using keypress specials to summon bullets can yield some interesting results.

Anyway, I'm mostly posting here just to be notified in case this project actually gets completed!

Good luck.

Howdy. I know I'm late to the party here, but I also played Snowyhill and The Wintery Base. I liked Snowyhill because it made me nostalgic for a number of other worlds I played as a kid. I can always appreciate short worlds!

I also enjoyed The Wintery Base, as it had a lot of cool little ideas in some of the levels and a lot of the tilesets were unique. The puzzle in "Skelesnow's secret shack" was an absolute pain, but it was manageable. I usually play on hard, and as a result, killing those "Maggot" Cryozoids on "In the enemy's attic" was actually impossible without cheats, unless I was missing something. Other various levels were just incredibly hard, like "The Infected Sewer" and "Stan's army," and I didn't have the patience to try to complete them normally after giving them a fair chance. I also only got 90% on this world after completing all of the levels on the overworld as well as a few secret levels, so there must be a number of well-hidden ones that I missed! I may go back and play them in the editor at some point.

Anyway, thanks for the worlds. I'll probably end up posting a few of mine that I never uploaded here and there at some point, given that I remember.

In case you're still interested, I have a 7.x version lying around somewhere that I could upload. However, from my experience, v8 gives you access to just as much stuff in the editor (and more!) than early versions. I've been using the editor on and off for the past few years, and I haven't seen any limitations yet!

As far as compatibility with older computers, I can't comment there. I would imagine it would still work, although I currently don't have access to my Windows XP computer.

Oh, good to know. I haven't needed to download the game from as of yet!

This game always had some nice ambience to it for some reason

One of my favorite Hamumu games. I have so many fond memories of this one!

I just now realized that this game is essentially a compilation of every other 3D Hamumu game with a couple of fun RPG mechanics thrown in. I'd recommend playing it if you haven't had a chance and are a fan of Mike's other games!

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Not sure where to post this, but this is (arguably) the page for Mike Hommel's most popular game, so I'll throw it here: Do we know anything about the fate of the SWC forums, or anything about the Hamumu forum pages for that matter? There was a lot of SWC content there that is now potentially lost, such as the updated version of SWC and some beta versions of interesting worlds that utilized the new content that was introduced (i.e. Gloom Valley). I hope that we can at least access some sort of legacy-version of the forums at some point, or even better, if the forum returns after the re-redesign of the old site.

I don't have access to Dr. L at the moment so I can't look at the world in the editor, but have you tried completing the final level again? It's possible that the key appears right after you beat the final boss (possibly inside the level itself). If that doesn't work, I'll check out it out myself.

Hopefully the updated version (8.0 beta I think?) isn't just lost and gone, especially since I've been working on a world utilizing those specials for over a year now! I still have it installed and I'm using it at least once a week, but I have no idea how I would upload the patch (or if I even could!).