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Great game! Ran into a bug (?) when driving over a teleporter on the first racetrack. Without a second teleporter, it teleports you to the upper-left part of the track, off the course.

A beautiful little game. Worth checking out!

I beat this one and others that required a tight control of speed through frequent use of the Stop button. It's easier to maintain your speed that way. Also, you can hold a movement to automatically turn when you reach the wall.

An excellent experience, thank you for sharing! How do you access the credits on the bottom of the menu?

I'm a little confused by the steps you took in your last post. Let me try to help you out.

Dragging "" into "supreme8_install.exe" won't work. The *.dlw files need to be in Supreme's "worlds" folder, which is a folder in the location where you installed Supreme. The *.dlw files won't open on their own or if you drag them onto an *.exe file.

To play the add-on worlds, you need to unzip "", which should contain three folders named "music", "user", and "worlds". Then, move the contents of those three folders ("music", "user", and "worlds") into their corresponding folders in the location where you installed Supreme.

This may not be related to the source of your problems, but for modern computers, Supreme has some issues in Program Files. If you've saved your Supreme folder there, move it somewhere else. Check "C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\" (replacing "YourName" with your username and "C:\" with another drive if necessary) to see if your profile data and saved worlds have moved.

Also, "merging" might've been a poor choice of words on my part. There should only be the one "" from the page. Unzip that and move the three folders into your Supreme folder. When Windows asks you if you want to replace the files, say no. I'm not sure if replacing the originals causes issues, but I declined when moving the add-ons into my own game.

I asked the Hamumu Discord, but they weren't sure. When you moved the folders over, did you delete the originals instead of merging them? The former might give you an error.

Here's some advice from SpaceManiac:

"Experiment to determine the exact values these variables take. Advise only using these for little fun bonuses, NOT collectibles such as candles or keychains.

DM - month
DD - day of the month
DY - year
DW - day of the week
CH - hour
CM - minute
CS - second"

Best of luck!

Short of modifying game code, not that I know of! Here are some tips for completing Achievements.

Firstly, these don't have to be completed in the main campaign. You can make a test world in the editor if you need another way to obtain them.

For Skill Achievements, you'll want to level up the skill to 10, use skill-boosting magic items, drink high-level Sparkling Water (, and use certain Lenscrafting combos (

For talents and monster-bashing, you'll have to do a lot of grinding. The Arena is your friend! Note that talents carry over to Madcap Mode (except Gladiator)! 

SpaceManiac's LunaticPal program might help you out as well. It converts images into Dr. Lunatic's 256-color palette.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, REACTOR! I'll have to give these a test run later.

Once you've downloaded "" from Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese's page, you'll need to move all three folders (music, user, worlds) into the folder where you've installed the game.