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Can't upload fixes

A topic by voxel created Aug 25, 2018 Views: 212 Replies: 4
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Just want to thank whichever of you set up the jam to not allow fixes to be uploaded once the submission period expired. That's fine, but you should have noted this on the jam page. Pretty annoyed that I spent so much time on this, uploaded a broken build, and can't fix it. I even bought some stickers T_T

as a workaround I've had to remove my uploaded rom and put a link to an updated one in the game's description, but that relies on people visiting the game page. 

Anyone want to explain the thinking behind the decision to lock out late uploads? Are you worried someone might cheat and steal the glorious prizes (of which I assume there are none).

Deleted my previous reply

Didn't realize you couldn't change it DURING the submission period (I thought it had already ended)

Can you double check for me? Can you not upload a new version of the game?

Didn't see your previous reply before you removed it. I've uploaded the fixed version since submission was re-enabled, but to answer your question, I was trying to upload a fix *after* original submission period had ended.

Going to chime in here and say that I'm also very annoyed by this policy. I've submitted a build now even though I _might_ be able to get some more polish done before the deadline, but I can't risk sleeping in and missing it entirely. So instead I just have to cut my work short for no reason. What is this policy even trying to accomplish?

we're already beyond the deadline, this was an extension