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cool, would love to see it running on a handheld!

Sorry for making you feel bad. The intention was to try and capture some of the obnoxious attitude certain arcade games had, where they'd mock the player for losing and presumably goad them into spending more coins on the game. Actual sad feelings are a bug and means I failed

Thanks for the well reasoned feedback!

The balance between lookahead, speed and cornering ability is a tricky one, and one I tried to mitigate through telegraphing the nature of upcoming turns through the diagonal stripes across the track, most obvious on the first track. If the player can learn to read and follow those stripes, no memorisation is required. It's certainly not perfect, and the game would no doubt benefit greatly from being more explicit about this element. 

Thanks for the report. Linux binary distribution is pretty much an unknown to me, I definitely need to invest some time into a more robust way of sharing linux builds

I'm using which is a FOSS reimplementation of the dreamcast SDK, paired with which is a performant opengl implementation (but incomplete and with a few bugs). So I get to use opengl1.2 for console dev which is pretty great! 

There's documentation for most of this (though a lot of it is out of date) and KallistiOS even comes with a script to automate 99% of building the cross-compilation toolchain.

no, just opengl

Went through a lot of backend changes, but settled on the MD2 format for models for various reasons. Here's the boat floating around just after I've added the mainsail and mainsheet

Hah, this is so difficult, i love it

Altomare community · Created a new topic My progress log

Thought I'd start a thread to share my progress as I go. My project is targeting some late 90s hardware, so I don't have access to shaders and my rendering budget is very limited, so I need to keep polygons few and blending minimal.

Beginning with the traditional single triangle to check rendering is working

A wireframe grid to represent the ocean surface

Some (animated) displacement to simulate waves moving

Finally apply a texture in the style of Zelda Wind Waker. It's very ugly in the distance without mipmapping, but this is a problem for later in the jam. The white square is a test object that bobs up and down with the water to test that I'm calculating the height of any given point correctly to allow for things to float on the water later

Thanks Ryan!

Thanks Murray! Please discontinue playing if your heart stops though

Thanks for playing @Zackarotto. Sorry the game made you queasy, that's never a good outcome. Interested to hear why you didn't feel the floaters were stealthable - our intention is that they have a predictable behaviour (turn side to side) and that their field of view is visualised with a light cone to assist the player in avoiding it. Do you have any suggestions for how we could we communicate that better?

cool! in some truly august company there, thanks for sharing

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There's no way for me to issue the game to your itch account directly, but if you want to email me at [removed] I can send you a download key

also unable to access the game page, it seems like it is set to private or similar

Hi, you'll need to contact the publisher, but as far as I know they put the most up to date version on the floppy version

You want to examine the pipes/gutters and clear them out somehow. Think about their intended purpose!

Known typo: "spider the larger than size of your head" (credit toasty)


The competition allows for team entries but offers no free team license - the free license is explicitly for use by single solo developers. Be careful if you're entering this jam as a team

nice work! always impressed when people fit gameplay into such a tiny filesize

what a champ

Hi! What kind of DOS games does the world need more of? Is there a particular genre that's lacking, some theme barely scratched, yet are still distinctly DOS like? I don't have a current DOS project and would like some inspiration!

And no, I won't make an FMV game

haha great playthrough, nice!

nope. is the window too large/small for you?

Ah this is really cool, I want *more*. I'd like the pacing to be slightly faster, I felt like I was waiting around a bit too long between dialogues, but otherwise this is really promising

Really sorry to hear that. Anything unusual about your system? Do other games work from Is it a laptop with a smaller resolution?

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nope. Full screen means multiple resolution support, which is more work :(. This is a particular scaled aspect ratio for historical raycasting reasons. But if I ever do a 'real' game using this technology I'll be sure to implement fullscreen etc :)

Yeah! Thanks for playing my silly jam game!

It's not open source, but the first iteration of the engine was closely based on

unpack the zip before you play


Take a look at a NES controller, there's four directions (the 'DPAD') and four buttons (Start, Select, A, B)

woo i put some pixels on the screen, rest should be easy right?

The NES dpad is four 'buttons' for a total of four inputs, so you could argue mouse movement is four inputs. But also there was the light gun for the NES which could be used to point and 'click' any spot on the screen, so its not like using mouse input is completely crazy, just pretend its the light gun

The NES JAM community · Created a new topic Hi!

Hey everyone! Excited to see what you all come up with for this jam. For myself, I'm planning on making a small NES rom to run on real hardware. I'm not sure how much time I have so it might be as minimal as a static screen with some beeps, but hopefully I'll be able to get a simple game running before the time limit :)

nice! you're the first person I've seen play the game and not find the key to the lock

This is the whole game, made for a jam. I don't think anyone needs this on steam

Haha, great video! Thanks for playing. There are mouse sensitivity settings in the menu if you found turning too fast, and one tiny secret easteregg (also in the menu)