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Thanks for playing! Could you expand a bit on what you didn't like about the controls? 


  • Fixed some joysticks not being able to exit the main menu
  • Windows registered version was stuck on version 1.0.0, updated now to 1.0.5

oh my gawwwwd I LOVE THIS. It's like a non violent Quarantine (though I'm guessing from the name that might change), but full 3D?? Those other vehicles are amazing. Adding this to my watched games list, definitely excited to see the finished product

Data Wing is great, and originally this game was going to have a wall riding mechanic inspired by it. Instead I went for a more retro racing game :)

This is cool but I'm terrible at it. I don't think I've played the game that it's inspired by and so really have no idea what I'm doing, I need a strategy guide!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh I love this. I don't have cursor keys on my keyboard though which makes playing difficult - any chance you could double bind WASD or similar? Really impressive stuff

I've been enjoying this, it's actually quite detailed and involved. But for some reason I can't get past mission 2, the navpoint remains blue but I can't find any more critters to blast anywhere. Any suggestions. Also the ammo truck button doesn't seem to do anything (maybe only on later missions?)

hey thats a neat site, never saw that before. doesnt look like they have msdos games though

All these amazing new games for cutting edge systems! But what about those of us whose gaming PCs predate the original Playstation?

May I humbly present: SlipSpeed

SlipSpeed is a topdown futuristic drifting racer for MS-DOS, with Grand Prix and Time Trial modes, vehicle upgrades and a secret floppy disk mode. It's available in both paid and free shareware versions.

Available at

I've received a couple of emails from google search console to say I'm missing some rich metadata that is impairing their ability to index my pages. I'm not really into SEO etc so couldn't really say how important any of this actually is, but thought I'd paste the emails here for reference. I'm assuming there's nothing I can do to add any of this 'missing' information to my game pages?

great point Mypka_Max, just three years late :p

NESmaker wasn't even released when I made this! I don't think any game made in this jam used NESmaker

Fun timewaster! A pity the graphics are only in the titlescreen, the game would be even more interesting with the graphics in the game itself imho

Small bug: When you spawn a transporter, it is always preloaded with cargo, even if the source machine has zero output available

none of those examples have more than four colours in an 8x8 area of the gameboy screen though, only in the SGB border. Still, I think including an SGB style border for future GBJAM entries might be a really cool idea!

This is great! I especially love that you took the time to make a gamebox cover and 'instructions manual'. Nice music, great sprites

we're already beyond the deadline, this was an extension

Didn't see your previous reply before you removed it. I've uploaded the fixed version since submission was re-enabled, but to answer your question, I was trying to upload a fix *after* original submission period had ended.

Download link points to an empty google drive folder. perhaps you 'forgot to set the permissions' ;)

Sorry you didn't get to finish this (i didn't finish my rom either), I *love* this chunky little craft flying through these fluffy clouds.

This is amazing work, glad to see another real GB entry. Impressed by how many enemies and attack patterns you crammed in here. Sound's pretty good too!

GBJAM 6 community » General · Created a new topic Can't upload fixes

Just want to thank whichever of you set up the jam to not allow fixes to be uploaded once the submission period expired. That's fine, but you should have noted this on the jam page. Pretty annoyed that I spent so much time on this, uploaded a broken build, and can't fix it. I even bought some stickers T_T

as a workaround I've had to remove my uploaded rom and put a link to an updated one in the game's description, but that relies on people visiting the game page. 

Anyone want to explain the thinking behind the decision to lock out late uploads? Are you worried someone might cheat and steal the glorious prizes (of which I assume there are none).

did your game try to subliminally tell me that I'm beautiful when I first loaded it?


  • The real Gameboy supports three 'layers' - Background, Sprites and Window (rules say only background and sprites)
  • Each sprite can be 'above' or 'below' the background layer, so you might even say there are four layers (sprites below BG, BG, sprites above BG, window)

Obviously there's more to it (only 10 sprites per horizontal line for example) but that's probably over the top for your jam's purposes :)

No, NESMaker is not yet available. I have created this myself using the Haxe programming language, openfl library, Deflemask for audio and Aseprite for graphics. It isn’t strictly NES compliant because I rotate one of the sprites and don’t respect a couple of the limitations strictly.

Glad you extended or I wouldn't have ever seen the jam! 

Fun little game but the music in particular is really good, I could listen to this for ages (and i did) :D. Great work

This is my favourite game of the jam! So fast, so simple, so good! I'd love an expanded version of this with some kind of enemy to avoid but maybe that'd ruin the simplicity. Great work

What a gloriously dithered boxing ring! This seems very cool but unfortuantely I have no friends to play against, yet somehow I managed to lose when P2's punch button got stuck on and had me pinned against the ropes. 10/10 would lose to stuck key again.

I found this inordinately difficult but it was totally worth it when i finally got the order right for the cat. 10/10 would serve icecream to animals all day

Cool concept, I don't think I've ever played a 'round-em-up' before. Also best CGA doggos ive ever seen

I should hope it works on linux since I wrote the game in linux ;)

hey Dollarone I tried to embed your tweet when I wrote this  but doesn't allow the twitter js script and so it was all malformed and wrong looking (like my art) so I had to remove it :(

Too easy? Every time you win:

  • Skull max health increases
  • Skull rotation speed increases
  • Mine frequency increases

Eleventy out of ten GG

This is discussed at least twice above. You get exactly four colours total. Basically sprites can be drawn with transparency, background tiles cannot.

You sound a little angry. Anyway, here are some examples of 3D on the GB/GBC which I feel give a pretty good impression of what the system is capable of for those that are interested in keeping within the restrictions.

GB games that are '3D':

GBC games that are '3D':