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can't agree on making it blue, but adding more characters into the environment is a lovely idea

Thanks for the feedback! I use save states too. Probably the 'nice' thing to do is to respawn from the last pool visited, definitely something I'll consider if I ever extend the game further

Thank you for the kind words and correctly identifying the correct way to enjoy FISH with such a succinct two step program. Any ideas for additional mechanics? I'd add more to the game if there was more to do - I think FISH would get a bit 'dry' with just trap dodging and fire-extinguishing

haha thanks for playing this old thing! you were only one move from winning - you had to fly a fighter into the battleship to destroy it!

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You're right, there's no way to shoot down, but you need to extinguish the fire, which can only be done with a bubble...

(Shoot left so that the bubble leaves the screen, wraps to the right, and continues to hit the fire)

haha, good job! Thanks again for playing my game and reaching out to let me know you all were playing it  👍

there's a surprise for you after you reach the end, let me know if you find it

thanks, wish I could afford the time to make the full game. Hopefully 2024

no worries. i was going to mention it to you while i was watching your stream but i got distracted by the puzzle game and forgot 😅. Nesdev23 just wrapped up and there's a whole pile of good entries to check out if you're interested

very chill, shoot a rock, don't shoot a rock, take a break, shoot another rock, it's cool man, the rocks will come back if you miss. I like how i can wrap around left/right and come back on the other side of the screen. great start!

Absolutely incredible style, I could look at this game all day

Never played a snake where I had to chase the food! Great idea and great music. World-wrap made the game perhaps a little too easy, but maybe I'm just amazing at snake? Great entry

Great execution and amazing tunes. The diagonal, moving maps really threw me. Impressive variety of maps for such a simple mechanic. Hard but fair!

I'm finding this really tough despite having played Bread and Fred, a game using a somewhat similar mechanic. But the presentation is amazing. I really like this red-figure/black-figure greek pottery visual style. Music is also good and the gameplay feels very solid, the fact that it's hard is down to me being bad, not the game being unpredictable or unfair

What a cute game. Initially I thought I had to push carts into the exit, but nope, just myself! Level 4 is a bit empty, I assume that's the end of the game? Can't wait to show this one to my kid, he loves anything with crocodiles, especially when they eat stuff :D

Thanks for including the small-step modifier for precision aiming! For me this really makes the game, I got a bunch of hole-in-ones thanks to it. Lots of fun maps, but more would be nice. Some sounds for feedback (maybe even an applause sample for when I score another amazing hole in one?) I had a lot of fun with this

Super visuals, very fast and fluid. I don't have any friends I couldn't find anyone to play with, so I really appreciated the AI player. At first I thought they were easily cheesed by simply jumping at the last moment, but then the AI beat me repeatedly. The shrinking arena adds some real pressure. Cool simple gameplay with good execution, I'd love to try this with someone

I haven't finished yet but I'm really impressed by the sheer variety of areas and art. Also the writing is hilarious, I laughed at the janitor conversations. I got confused about where I was a few times, and lost out in the wild west for a while, but that's probably just down to my own poor spatial memory. Fun!

This is incredible: you squeeze so many movement mechanics into one little package. I is a super dreamer and I had a great time collecting all the stars. I would have finished in half the time if I'd read the instructions in advance, but then I might only have had half the fun. Great variety of areas and puzzles, but the real stand out for me was the traversal mechanics, I felt a real sense of mastery as I learned them, and was having a blast just moving around the map.

Holy Moly this is perfect. Super freaking cute, lots of fun, quick gameplay loop. A little bit hard for my slow reflexes, but I kept on playing anyway. Amazing work

Really enjoyed the AI opponent, seemed a good match for my complete lack of skill, I just managed to scrape through with a few nail biting wins, perfect balance! Music is great, wish there were a few input beeps and such for feedback. Very solid!

This is non-interactive, right? It's super cool, the art and sound are great, just wish I could play it already XD

I love the art, it's nice to walk through an RPG like environment blasting bugs. Some of the weapon upgrades felt more like downgrades, and the wave difficulty felt kind of random. I liked having to choose between different paths in some sections, somehow I don't know why this isn't a more common feature, it's good. Great entry!

thanks, these are all good thoughts and suggestions! Nobody really seems to make any argument in favour of keeping it all on one profile. I'm probably going with the new separate itch account.

I primarily use my itch account for sharing my jam games, but also have a paid game available. Currently I'm finishing up a bigger commercial project and  am wondering if I should make a more 'professional' studio account to sell it from, one where the profile isn't filled with jam games and prototypes that might reflect poorly on the game; because 'your average customer' might not appreciate the difference between jams and my more long-term work. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you sell games from an account where you host your gamejam entries? Am I overthinking this?

Haha, this is great! I didn't read the instructions properly and accidentally overfed my logos and now they're dead. 

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I received a promising email from support that says they're investigating a solution, which supposes that someone there is convinced this is an actual problem and we're not just crazy.

Specifically for my problematic download: the page has a web build of the game, with download links beneath. Support say: "Thank you for the report, we have narrowed down the issue as being related to the SharedArrayBuffer support that is enabled on the page for the browser version of the game. We’ll be looking into making some changes to resolve the issue in FireFox."

haha, wow I'm bad at solving these things.

I love the look of this. It's a very nice presentation. Some audio would have been appreciated, but this *is* a COM game. Took me a little while to understand the rotation system, but it's probably obvious to anyone that uses cubes.

Maybe a 2x2 mode for newbs like me could be added 😊

This is  still happening to me, using Firefox in Australia. I contacted support and they replied:

 "There appear to be no issues accessing the download for your page. It’s possible there was a temporary outage with our CDN. Remember, download URLs are generated when the download button is clicked and expire shortly after to prevent hot linking. Ensure visitors access the file by visiting the page and clicking the download button, rather than sharing a direct link to our CDN."

cool! thanks for sharing

send me a photo, I want to see!

Yeah! This is great fun and has such a lovely presentation. I had a real 'aha!' moment when I realised how to make blocks fall, and suddenly the game went from simple to somewhat involved. The beeps and boops are great, though my kid insists the blocks explosion sounds like a fart. My only very minor gripe is that I don't have proper cursor keys on my computer and would have appreciated a modern WASD alternative, but kudos for such an authentic DOS experience.

Thank you for adding the alpha keys, no more digging out my usb numpad! Nice implementation of a classic. My son is convinced the robots turn into snowmen when colliding, but I think the graphics are perfect for this.

Haha, I met the smiley inhabitant. Thanks for unearthing this and sharing it, I enjoyed exploring this ancient dungeon!

Super nice. I know it's easy to say and *slightly* less easy to do, but I wish you'd make this into a bigger game, I'd love to fly around and shoot things in this renderer

Wow, this is a lively one. I really enjoyed the menacing music and the slightly unhinged visuals. I didn't even realise I'd lost the first time because the gameplay continues despite the game over message being visible, an interesting design decision! Very nice game

Nice work! It was fun to compare how the game presents in different video configurations. The gameplay is a little basic - I'm no tetris pro but I'm used to being able to rotate pieces at the last moment to kick and nudge, and that's missing here. But it's still a solid implementation of everyone's favourite time waster and the fact that it seems to work on just about every possible MSDOS configuration makes this a great one to keep on hand

If anyone is wondering, there are 16 levels total. Let me know your best time!

Also you may have seen the recent Book8088 laptops, which are new(!) laptops running an 8088 CPU and so probably a good target for games from this jam. So not only do they still exist, they're still being manufactured!

Real Games (tm) let you slide around corners you'd otherwise bump your head on when jumping, like Mario when he jumps with a few pixels of overlap into a solid block above. FISH does this too but in a slightly less player-friendly way, where you lose a frame of jump for each frame spent sliding sideways around a corner. Because the max jump height is only a few pixels more than the amount required to make the jump, any jump height lost to sliding around the corner means you probably won't be able to make the jump. Probably the easiest fix would be to increase the maximum jump height.