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Fun little game but the music in particular is really good, I could listen to this for ages (and i did) :D. Great work

This is my favourite game of the jam! So fast, so simple, so good! I'd love an expanded version of this with some kind of enemy to avoid but maybe that'd ruin the simplicity. Great work

What a gloriously dithered boxing ring! This seems very cool but unfortuantely I have no friends to play against, yet somehow I managed to lose when P2's punch button got stuck on and had me pinned against the ropes. 10/10 would lose to stuck key again.

I found this inordinately difficult but it was totally worth it when i finally got the order right for the cat. 10/10 would serve icecream to animals all day

Cool concept, I don't think I've ever played a 'round-em-up' before. Also best CGA doggos ive ever seen

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We need some rules! Do we have to make an actual 2600 game? Just something in a similar  style? Using the colour palette? Using a one button joystick?

I should hope it works on linux since I wrote the game in linux ;)

hey Dollarone I tried to embed your tweet when I wrote this  but itch.io doesn't allow the twitter js script and so it was all malformed and wrong looking (like my art) so I had to remove it :(

Too easy? Every time you win:

  • Skull max health increases
  • Skull rotation speed increases
  • Mine frequency increases

Eleventy out of ten GG

This is discussed at least twice above. You get exactly four colours total. Basically sprites can be drawn with transparency, background tiles cannot.

You sound a little angry. Anyway, here are some examples of 3D on the GB/GBC which I feel give a pretty good impression of what the system is capable of for those that are interested in keeping within the restrictions.

GB games that are '3D':

GBC games that are '3D':
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I only needed about 10 hints GG

Really excited about this. Not familiar enough with LUA to have written anything useful in the repl but it was fun to play around in. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses <3