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Issue uploading my first game

A topic by Chabb created Jun 29, 2016 Views: 285 Replies: 2
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Hey there!

First time around here.

So I uploaded yesterday my game ( I took 10 minutes to upload my .zip file of 365 mb. My dashboard also displays the file's size correctly.

However, some friends (at least three of them) reported that upon downloading my game, they get a 0 byte .zip file and they get an error message when they try to extract its content (like if the file was corrupted). I tested with Google Chrome (so without being logged in my account) and Internet explorer and I experienced the bug myself.

However, when I download everything while being logged into my account on Firefox, everything is fine.

I have reuploaded everything four times to no avail.

I really don't know how to deal with this.

Also: I'm unable to add a co-worker as an admin of my project.
His page:

Whenever I try to add his name in More > Admins, be it through copy/pasting or writing it manually, the system tells me:


  • failed to find user by that name

So, simply put, people are unable to download my game and I'm unable to add my programmer as an admin to get his assistance.

Thank you!


Hey Chabb!

Just downloaded your game successfully, maybe it was a temporary outage?

As for game admins: you need to enter your programmer's *username*, not their full name. For example, if their profile is and their display name "Foo Bar", you'd need to enter "foobar", not "Foo Bar".

Thanks for your reply!

It was apparently an outage or something because this morning I was both able to add my programmer as an admin and download the game correctly.

Case solved! :-)