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Hey there!

Thanks for your input and for playing my game! :)

To answer a few of your questions:
- I had three weeks to do this, among my other school homeworks and my student job. In that kind of situation, you learn that sleep hours are facultative ahah!
- I'm interested in continuing this, I can't tell how and when though. Originally I had an introduction planed and more levels, but I had to cut that out. That said, I do have some ideas on paper for more.
- I DO have another school project that I will publish on here in a few days, quite different from this one though, so if you liked what I did stay updated :)

Cheers (and thanks again for this good playthrough!)

Hey there!
Thank you for taking the time to do a playthrough and give me your impressions. It's always appreciated! :)
I'm glad you enjoyed your short experience and yes, I feel you about these blue balls at the end ahah!

I'm new to the publication of games online, so I didn't know about Gamejolt. I'll look into that! Thank you for letting me know!


Thanks for your reply!

It was apparently an outage or something because this morning I was both able to add my programmer as an admin and download the game correctly.

Case solved! :-)

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This version I published has an updated level design, some minor textures correction, an aditional red flag which gives a hint on the objective of the level and better indications.

Except for the voices, I may eventually translate personally all the text in English. It's on my to-do list. It might take a while though and it won't be perfect, but I want everybody to enjoy the game! :P

Thanks for you input! :)

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Hey there!

First time around here.

So I uploaded yesterday my game ( I took 10 minutes to upload my .zip file of 365 mb. My dashboard also displays the file's size correctly.

However, some friends (at least three of them) reported that upon downloading my game, they get a 0 byte .zip file and they get an error message when they try to extract its content (like if the file was corrupted). I tested with Google Chrome (so without being logged in my account) and Internet explorer and I experienced the bug myself.

However, when I download everything while being logged into my account on Firefox, everything is fine.

I have reuploaded everything four times to no avail.

I really don't know how to deal with this.

Also: I'm unable to add a co-worker as an admin of my project.
His page:

Whenever I try to add his name in More > Admins, be it through copy/pasting or writing it manually, the system tells me:


  • failed to find user by that name

So, simply put, people are unable to download my game and I'm unable to add my programmer as an admin to get his assistance.

Thank you!