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game asset studio. I need your help to decide what to build first.

A topic by little pug games created Aug 22, 2018 Views: 247 Replies: 1
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I  don't like how I need to use different applications to create my sprites, music, tilemaps, and game FX. I'll use affinty designer for sprites then ableton for the other than I have to look for effects that I like on opengameart.

Long story short I like to program things and I thought it would be awesome to build something that would solve this issue. I'm in the beginning stages of building a 2d game asset development studio. The idea is that you will be able to build your sprite sheets, game FX, tilemaps, and music all using one suite of tools.

You'll be able to save and retrieve your game assets anywhere using the the studio cloud. You'll also be able to import any game assets that artists or other game devs create and share publicly, also using the cloud.

Can you guys help me in deciding what features to build out first by filling  this survey out. It has a list of the apps and features the studio will have and it'll help me decide what the most important features are.

Also, can you guys share any of your pain points, or ideas that would make your game dev work easier and more efficient. I'm all ears and open to listen to your ideas. Thanks

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Hm, I think this is a bit of a big hill to climb. Jack-of-all-trades programs often run into issues of being less specialized in every area than other readily available tools, rendering them less effective to use than approaches that combine multiple platforms.

Music creation in particular is really quite complex to tackle in a standalone. Having the ability to make midis and midi instruments from imported sound clips (either by autopitching or by letting the user import a new clip for each note) would be really good though. In fact, it would put you into territory very few have effectively covered... but making intuitive controls would be a real challenge.

For an example of how not to do a jack of all type program, look at novelty the vn creator - sure, some people really like it, but the UI and explanations of how things work are *horrible*. Successfully making a new character for the first time practically needs a PHD.

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