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Discord Help Chat

A topic by Ivan Fonseca created Jun 28, 2016 Views: 533 Replies: 8
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Hey everyone. Me and a lot of other people have had issues with the Skype group chat, primarily because Skype was not made to handle so many people at once. That's why I made this Discord server. It's much better built to handle larger groups, it's completely free and doesn't even require registration (perfect for quick questions). The more people join, the faster and easier you can get help. If you want to join, just go to this link.


I think Discord chat (or something similar) should replace the Skype chat. Please sticky this post. Also the skype link is an empty page if you don't have it installed.


Hello! We are going to switch to an IRC channel pretty soon! You can already start using it right here.


In the next release of Superpowers, the channel will be integrated within the app to provide a better experience with the community.

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Why IRC? Discord is much more user friendly and will help build your community much better! It even works on phones and the browser. I'm currently in that linked discord and they are super helpful. I wish they got official involvement :(

Integrating into your client is cool and all, so you can use the widget. But honestly just adding a link to your discord server from the client would be enough since it could open in a new tab.

Also to note there is currently a game dev league Discord server for all kinds of game devs, artists, and composers with about a thousand people in it concurrently but absolutely 0 Superpowers support/love. Lots of them even tried Superpowers but had a hard time getting started. https://discord.gg/Js8gPvf <- invite to that server.

tl;dr: Discord is already a gamer targetted chat and you can leverage the fact that most gaming people already use it to grow your community. It is modern and works x-platform and x-device. It is a platform built for real-time chat and community building through the many community bots available. It offers all of IRC and more.


I'd have to agree on some point with people about what platform to use. The community will decide for itself what it wants to use. I use IRC all the time, it's cool. But there is an issue where it's an old technology, and more people with favor over the easier to use software. Discord provides lots of benefits over IRC and would prefer it, though I could see IRC and Discord running side by side.

The other thing I think I have an issue with is people will use whatever platform they find the best for communicating and incorporating that communication channel into your own software can be a waste of time that can be focused somewhere else. I'd rather the devs just let the people use whatever they want to use to communicate and focus on improving the current software they already have rather than add features that won't entirely benefit the users or the software (it could make it more difficult to maintain and requires extra features and resources).

Your community is what drives your product, and what you decide to focus on will have big impacts.


The IRC integration is basically done and ready to be used. So we are gonna give it a shot like this and see how it goes.

If it turns out to be a shitty idea, we will be happy to change our mind and recommend to use Discord instead with a link to the server directly in the app :)

I just wanna say I'm happy that someone from the dev team is actually in the forums and showing us that superpowers is still constantly being worked on. In terms of IRC I think would be great to be built in with superpowers but when it comes to having it open in a tab I would prefer something a little nicer on the eyes xD Any idea on when the new update will be released?


We have been very busy with our new work at Hypixel lately. This is why things have been very quiet. Sorry about that, days aren't long enough to do everything we want '^^.

The IRC integration is working but yeah it can be greatly improved visually. Like others pointed out, maybe it isn't the best way to use our time when working on Superpowers. We will see how it goes. Even though it is not necessary, an integration right in the app does sound nice to me.

As an ETA for the next update, we acheived most of the things we wanted to do. I hope we manage to release it this weekend! No promise though... ;)

Like iWriteTheCode said, I love how involved the devs are in the community. Thanks!