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The IRC integration is basically done and ready to be used. So we are gonna give it a shot like this and see how it goes.

If it turns out to be a shitty idea, we will be happy to change our mind and recommend to use Discord instead with a link to the server directly in the app :)

I just wanna say I'm happy that someone from the dev team is actually in the forums and showing us that superpowers is still constantly being worked on. In terms of IRC I think would be great to be built in with superpowers but when it comes to having it open in a tab I would prefer something a little nicer on the eyes xD Any idea on when the new update will be released?

We have been very busy with our new work at Hypixel lately. This is why things have been very quiet. Sorry about that, days aren't long enough to do everything we want '^^.

The IRC integration is working but yeah it can be greatly improved visually. Like others pointed out, maybe it isn't the best way to use our time when working on Superpowers. We will see how it goes. Even though it is not necessary, an integration right in the app does sound nice to me.

As an ETA for the next update, we acheived most of the things we wanted to do. I hope we manage to release it this weekend! No promise though... ;)

Like iWriteTheCode said, I love how involved the devs are in the community. Thanks!