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Arcade Game Studio

Arcade Game Studio is a FREEWARE program for making games with the style and gameplay of the 80's arcade games. · By firecat

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A topic by firecat created Aug 18, 2018 Views: 2,038 Replies: 2
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Can I sell my games made in Arcade Game Studio?

Yes but only the .args (after you finish your game and press export to get .args) and cabinet.exe, not the engine. Copyright images, sounds and code still belong to the owners, this engine does not give you anything else.

What happen to the creator?

I do not know, the website and his twitter post are gone. Last report was 2014 on twitter.

I see a message saying I need to install something.

You do not need to install anything, the engine will run without it.

I do not understand how to to go somewhere else other than project screen.

Click help under project or f1 or look at this:

How do images work?

The pdf help is a copy of the website, all information can be found there.

In a nutshell, think of animation, frame by frame:

1-WAY sprite sheet - 

Image file format: filename_1wnumber_of_sublimages.png
Maximum single sprite size: 192*192 pixels.

Example: theexamplename_1w7.png

2-WAY horizontal sprite sheet -

Maximum single sprite size: 112*112 pixels.

Example: theexamplename_2w14,png

2-WAY vertical sprite sheet -

Maximum single sprite size: 112*112 pixels.

Example: theexamplename_2wv6.png

and so on.

Is there a limit on how the sprite sheet allows?

You are only limited to how big the sprite can go until the engine cuts off your sprite. No frame by frame limits, it can go to 100 frame by frames. This is an example:

How to I change cabinet.exe into my game's name?

Right click on your mouse and press rename. It is not possible to change the cabinet image with Resource Hacker or any other program.

Does it work in installers?

Yes but I have yet to test them all, so please report if any are not not working.

How well does it work on WINE for linux?

Good but not perfect, The computer hardware and such would affect it.

Thank you for reading and any questions can be ask here or add another topic if needed.


I've made games on ARGS for some time. Is a shame it do not turn a popular software because it si a good game maker for it's porpose. Some time ago I've made a indepth tutorial on how to use, and Celulo made a help file that included my tutorial translated to english; here it is:

And since Bruno R. marcos (the author) web site got down about 2 years ago, I'vew backup ARGS on google Drive too (for sure itcan be considered abandonware at this point):

Have Fun.