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i downloaded the AGS and the pdf file with info.

As a newbie to this world, i have some questions that are not answered i think in manual.

1. what is the max resolution of todays screen this game can run with graphics visibility.

2. Does  this play role on how to setup the screen dimensions. if not what is the MAX screen resolution

in all dimensions WxH of a play screen. I understood that i can crop the dimensions to the style i need.

3. Can you port this game also in future or not. What is the most compatible resolution compared with todays resolutions

that can be also ie ported and without loosing ie interpolating the graphics of the game.

4. Do the graphics have standard 72dpi resolution only or can i go to ie 200dpi as well to save quality for ie future

game porting etc.

5. Can ie make a very long file like W5000x500H think as panoramic scroll horizontal stage and import it

and then make things move etc OR do i need to make the stage hand drawn per set ie. screen partial-dimensions of the long

size i mentioned above.

6. can i do also jpg, or is it better PNG to allow transparency. what should be a ie standard way.

7. I am stuck on what is best way to create screen with this game. I will do ie game like wonderboy.

what genre is this game.

Thats all for now.