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How to start Baldi's basic in Linux

A topic by fredand44 created Aug 16, 2018 Views: 2,686 Replies: 3
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Hello Guys!

My son heard about Baldi's Basic ( ... at school today.

We downloaded the linux version, but I can not figure out how to start it?

In the zip there are one folder and two files.

I chmoded them to 777, but when I try to start it like:

pi@raspberrypi:~/Applications/Baldis $ ./BALDI.x86_64
bash: ./BALDI.x86_64: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Do you guys understand how to start the game?

Best regards



First of all, did you try asking in the game's own comment section? Its creator is in a better position to answer support question about their own game.

That said, the problem is obvious: you're trying to run a game for 64-bit PCs on a Raspberry Pi, which has a completely different CPU. There's no simple fix for that. Unless the creator can add a build for the Pi, your only real recourse is to use a compatible computer instead. Sorry.

I wouln't have thought that it mattered if it was a Raspberypi or not, if it is a linux distro then it should have worked.

I unziped the downloadable file by doing the following:

#FedoraisAwesome> unzip

#FedoraisAwesome> chmod +x BALDI.x86


x86_64 is a complicated instruction set that runs on desktop computer and laptop CPUs. ARM CPUs are much simpler and less power hungry; so phones, mobile game consoles, and Raspis use them. It is not possible to run x86_64 programs on ARM without instruction emulation (read: slow) or recompiling the game. I don't know if the dev would be interested in doing this.

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