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The first few times I died I was confused and did not realise it was because I crashed into the buildings. I think it would also have helped to have another effect to show when you are low on energy so the player doesn't have to keep on looking at the corner of the screen. Also how does it fit the theme of "invisible"?

I like the idea of the cute but clumsy delivery drone though.

What did you use to create this program?

are you saying that a developer should only be able to sell one copy? should films only have to sell one ticket?

I got to the green area but can't figure out how to get past the second moster

Highest score is 1 :)

x86_64 is a complicated instruction set that runs on desktop computer and laptop CPUs. ARM CPUs are much simpler and less power hungry; so phones, mobile game consoles, and Raspis use them. It is not possible to run x86_64 programs on ARM without instruction emulation (read: slow) or recompiling the game. I don't know if the dev would be interested in doing this.

Great game. I really liked levels 17 and 19. This led me to anticipate the challenge of level 20, which unfortunately wasn't really there.

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I destroyed eveything and got -10000 >:)

Using reflected light really sets Sunbeam apart from other games though, because it doesn't use lasers. Experiences like this make us grow as people and game developers :)

I agree that the graphics look nice, but I was not able to appreciate them due to the lag and me needing to turn down to low graphics settings. Also, the camera is worse than Super Mario 64. There seems to be a bit of input lag too. Due to these issues I could not bring myself to play further than running out of that building you start in :/

Hi, nice game! Did you do the mirrors yourself, or is that built into Unity? They are pretty impressive.

I did notice there were some framerate drops though, not exactly making it unplayable, but still noticable.

Overall this was a really fun game (and I hope to play the second part that you mentioned, once it comes out).