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[Feature propose] Easy check of attack range

A topic by tkaczz created Aug 10, 2018 Views: 132 Replies: 4
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This game is actually really fun to play with friends. But one thing that probably most players imo would see is to easy check of attack range, for example by highlighting certain unit. In most similar games attack range is marked using red colour.


You mean the attack range of enemy units?

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All units


Entering in attack mode shows the range of the currently selected unit.
But you have a good point here. I now made it show the range for enemy units as well when you select them.

Like this:

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Correct, I think this is more intuitive than:

  1. move to point
  2. check attack range
  3. if not right go to 1
  4. if right then attack

Current behaviour is error prone, players can often move too far or too close to the enemy. That can lead to big mistakes in close fights.