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Pixel Font Converter!

Lets you create your own TTF fonts out of pixel font images! · By YellowAfterlife

I tried adding ①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩, but the inside of the numbers went white!

A topic by Uraynuke™ created 81 days ago Views: 75 Replies: 2
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I really don't know *why* this is happening, truly!


There is a bug in my path generator algorithm that happens when you have a hole inside a shape inside a hole inside a shape (oh mouthful), which the holes inside circled 6/8/9 happen to be. I can’t remember if it forgets to insert a path or traces it in the wrong direction (CW/CCW) but either way the font renderer is not amused.

If these are the only such glyphs in the font, you could make a hole in the outer outline and then move the vertices in FontForge when you’re done with the font. Or put the circle in another glyph and then merge them using FontForge (possibly through a script if you update the font often).

Or, if you like a challenge, you can find try fixing the algorithm (source code’s here).

Thank You™ for replying!
I ended up going back into the glyphs and changing a single pixel on the outer edge of them, following your advice - now that I knew the issue, I could fix it!

and it works now!
it's basically unnoticeable, so I ain't bothered! tank ye!
I'll send this post to one of my friends who's more knowledgeable in code than I am to see if they're interested in fixing it,

Closing Thought™s: you have made something wonderful! bUH-BYE~!