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I'll see about that, thank you

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here is an example of the glyphs that I'm talking about:

I was wondering if it is because these glyphs aren't supported in the version of unicode that this is in?

Thank You™ for replying!
I ended up going back into the glyphs and changing a single pixel on the outer edge of them, following your advice - now that I knew the issue, I could fix it!

and it works now!
it's basically unnoticeable, so I ain't bothered! tank ye!
I'll send this post to one of my friends who's more knowledgeable in code than I am to see if they're interested in fixing it,

Closing Thought™s: you have made something wonderful! bUH-BYE~!

I really don't know *why* this is happening, truly!

I see! thank you for answering!

also, Great Job™ on creating this! it's REALLY good!

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here it is before I add it:

here it is after I add it:

and let me tell you! Windows™ does NOT like this!

"The solicited file C:\Users\Username\Downloads\Eminent Hearers.ttf is not a valid font file."

could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? my suspicion is that it has something to do with this being a character that is not in the font's version of Unicode™. thanks a million, if anyone answers this!