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Tomb Raider Jam Rules/FAQ Sticky

A topic by Sophie Houlden created Aug 06, 2018 Views: 1,214 Replies: 2
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The Important Rule:

The only real rule is: "Don't be hurtful or harmful", breaking this rule will get you banned.

Now for the FAQ:

What should/can I make for this jam?

Anything you want. All types of work will be accepted; games, comics, poems, cosplay, recipes, whatever you're inspired to make is fine.

Will there be a winner/scoring/prizes?

No to all of that. This is a relaxed non-competitive jam. Unless you want to compete with a friend or whatever, but you'll have to arrange that between yourselves :)

When is the jam?

Submissions are open from 15th October until 15th December, but if you need me to extend the deadline I probably will. The jam can be extended for as long as needed really, so long as moderating it doesn't become too much work for me :)

Can I start work early?

Yes! If you want to get started before the jam starts accepting submissions then that is super cool!

Do I have to work solo or can we work as a team?

You can work however you want! If you're looking for people to work with then check out the 'Team-up!' community category, or ask around on Twitter using #TombRaiderJam.

Where can I post my progress?

You can share your progress during the jam here. (or anywhere else on the internet, but I can't really make sure people commenting elsewhere are following the important rule, sorry)

Can I use Tomb Raider IP?

Legally? Probably not. This is a game jam organised by and for fans of Tomb Raider. We're basically making fan-art here. If you're going to be selling or accepting tips for whatever you make I'd recommend thinking twice before using any Tomb Raider intellectual property.

If you have any other questions, ask below. Good luck with the jam, I hope you have fun!

Can I make a game based on Tomb Raider? However, it will not feature any Tomb raider character? Something inspired by Tomb Raider, but the concepts and all being oringinal

You can absolutely do that! Make the game you want to make! :)