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Awsome MMO game, so-far. I think it would be cool to have more interactions for the people. 

good luck!

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A hidden gem, takes me back to the Temple run days! You should make it a mobile game one day

This is a awsome FPS. Reminds me of a surreal MSDOS Postal 2 game! 

You got a great game setup so-far. I would love to see the game expanded!

The colors are amazing, and its very well made

The visuals are awesome, and I like the various ways you can fight, from the guns to landmines, etc.

One thing I would fix is to make it possible to shoot while walking.

thank you! Will be working on updates after gamejam

How do I attack? I would recommend having a tutorial level or something that let you know the control

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Intresting game! Reminds me of the game I'm working on in-terms of color.

I do find it a bit difficult to combat those wolf. Maybe in future version make diagonal walking possible? So the control is easier

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Yes I have plans for that. The chapters for each killers all revolve around their story. As of right now, the game is in Beta edition, so the Alpha build which I'm working on will complete the chapters. 

In the character bio for the characters, there's a brief backstory about those characters and their past. The character Bio's backstory is linear to the game's chapters.

Saw it on newgrounds, loved it

A very cute game to play. Really has that cute retro vibe to it!

Glad to see it doing well after GBJAM!

One of those horror games that stood out to me. Watched @Funbasealpha played it on his livestream


Thanks for playing my game! Next one will have more I can promise you that.

Interesting game. Haven't finished it but the story is very interesting, and a bit disturbing, which is good.

Very interesting so-far, this is going to be fun

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This will come in handy! Thank you

Thanks for the feedback. A gameover screen would come in handy for the future version. This game will be one of my major projects after the jam too.

Difficult game but a fun challange. Well done!

Thanks for playing. I'll keep the feedback in mind. It seems a lot of issues come from finding survivors in a large map setting. I'll fix that part forsure for the update after the gamejam.

That's strange, are you opening the save file for the game instead? I use Windows so this might be a oversight on me on the mac export. 

My plan is to include a tutorial level that explains it, and yes, i'll make them more footprint shaped.

Thank you for the feedback, I'll take it into account.

I do plan to make the map smaller, and add a compass/tracking mechanic after the gamejam. For now, a hint is that the enemies leave behind red footprints, like breadcrumb trails. A lot of ppl find the end-game part tedious, so I'll for-sure fix it up.

(This is the footprint sprite)

With the controls, I'll adjust them too. Thank you for the feedback!

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No web build yet, but I'll add one for-sure.

Also what problem specifically is preventing the MAC Version to run?

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Interesting concept but the gameplay feels a bit repetive. The part with killing the snakes becomes boring after a while. Prehaps different snakes with more AI would help (For a example, a snake that shoots at you) and maybe more attacks, etc.

I love the funny dialogs, Pretty unique concept.

Cool idea and concept. Gameplay feels a bit glitchy, but otherwise this game has potential. I look forward to future updates for the game (If your planning on it)

Pretty glitchy, in-terms of attacking. I could only attack while facing downwards.

Also, I'm not really sure where I'm suppose to go for the objective.

Well made, excellent game. My only problem is the jumping controls. Perhaps pressing W to jump or SPACE to jump instead of Z would make the control less awkward. 

The 3D was awesome. I would prefer some combat music, and perhaps a objective waypoint so we can know where we're suppose to go.

Hey, thanks for streaming my game. I was just watching it. I'll update the game and make it so that murdering those NPCs are more fun.

This is an awesome game. Although its hard to see sometimes on where the enemy is, I find it part of the fun to discover ambushing enemies. Very cool color pallet choices, and a solid start for mechanics. I like the simplicity but yet fun gameplay. My only problem would be that it's hard to find where you suppose to go in the game.

It reminds me of doom and acid trip combined together, which is a pretty unique vibe to the game. Keep up the good work!

Reminds me of the old-school RPG games, which I love. Very nice choice on the color pallet, art and music.

I love the color and graphics of the game. The enemy design and AI is quite fun to fight against, although I do think it's very easy to get hit by the enemy. 

Another thing is that its hard to find which direction to go for the objective, its very easy to get lost on the map(I would suggest like a arrow pointing towards the direction to go, or a minimap, etc). Other then that great game

It's a small but very fun tank game. The teleporting mechanic is pretty easy to learn but takes skill to master, which is one of my favourite elements of mechanic. The level design is very simple and reminds me of those classic GB boys. Soundfx is very retro and fits well.

Thank you for playing. Be-sure to keep your eyes on future updates!

Thanks for playing, the game would be expanded but I do like the 2D style