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This has potential, the version so far is pretty good,  looking forward to more content and updates.

Impressive work!

gonna play this rn. cant wait!

Interesting game, I can't wait to try! Haven't played it yet but i like the story

SM4R is a singleplayer game with various NPC dialog (pretty funny most times) and a varieties of quest. The game features many NPCs, items and a level progression system. The quests can get quite interesting (and bizarre) sometimes, and the NPCs themselves are a gem. The game feels like a MMORPG game (with other players replaced by NPCs), and it works out pretty effectively. I've followed the game during its development stage, and the developer did a wonderful job on it.


Give me a "Pokemon" RPG vibe, and the classics. I love it. Few minutes into it and I'm already in love with the game. If you are a fan of classic RPGs and/or Pokemon-like games, then this is the game for you!

Can I make a game based on Tomb Raider? However, it will not feature any Tomb raider character? Something inspired by Tomb Raider, but the concepts and all being oringinal

Loved it while under developing, loved it now. It;s like a MMORPG, but singleplayer.

*Menacing breathing....

Thanks! :)

Thank you! It's those supports that encourages me to work on my games. :)

Yeah sure. I'll post it tomorrow though, since I'm going to sleep soon

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Hey, I just released a game for my Halloween game jam entry! (Link to jam here)

Feedback would be great

You play as an unseen protagonist in the game, who is about to be judged by entities, who will decide on the protagonist's eternal punishment in hell. You have to escape before they take you to the judge....

Disclaimer: This is a small scale project made for a gamejam. As an result, this game is not too large scaled.

NOTE: If you don't like the game, please leave feedback here or on the game's discussion page.

Saw it on twitter, liked it. The pixel art looks sick.