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What is the future of game assets or the designers compare to AI tools

A topic by gpway created Mar 08, 2023 Views: 531 Replies: 3
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We all have very familiar with AI tools. There are already very good graphic designers, you just have to put the text and the program will provide you with some art depending on your description.

I have seen that some tools are very good at this especially graphics. I have not noticed the game industry would have an effect too along with the content writers and photographers.

Just saw an AI tool that is dedicated to game assets only. So what is the future of free game assets sites like 'itch' and others or the assets download sites...

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Just ignore it. The AI stuff is worthless anyway. That’s why it’s called a free market: you get to choose what to support, so the future is whatever you make of it.

If you give up, the future will be all AI.

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I wasn't aware that itch was a free game assets site in the first place. 

In any case, it's pointless to worry or speculate about the future. If you're an artist, keep making art - you'll keep getting paid next to zilch for it regardless of AI (which at the moment is mostly a lot of smoke and mirrors). If you're a billionaire, keep being a parasite - you'll keep getting paid a ton for it, regardless of anything. Eventually, we will all die. Eventually, the sun will burn out. The future doesn't actually exist, in any case, any more than the past does. From within our limited and ephemeral locus, it's just a horizon we will never reach. Only the present moment can be said to be real, and even that's questionable at best.

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