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Exclusive content and private community boards

A topic by Cairn4 created Jun 15, 2016 Views: 441 Replies: 2
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Hey! I've been looking at Finji's Overland store page, and noticed through using the refinery/exclusive content options that they let supporters have access to a private community board. But I can't seem to find how you'd enable private communities for buyers only within the Edit Game panel.

Do they do this by just giving buyers an access key to a separate "Restricted" store page with a community board?


Hey there! The Overland community is definitely on the same game page, although I think the UI for control access to game communities isn't implemented yet? I'm sure Leaf can set your game's community to 'restricted' for you, for the time being.

Hey Amos! Ah ok, just making sure I wasn't missing a setting somewhere in there. If it's easy for Leaf to do, I'd certainly appreciate having MoonBase's community set to restricted - but I'm sure you guys are busy, so no rush :) Thanks!