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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

how to play ?

A topic by james0heller created Jul 19, 2018 Views: 342 Replies: 12
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hey dev , i like the game it's really fun but the problem im facing now is how to do things there is no tutorial or info menu or a guide book to craft and use (witch it well be a nice idea) please when you update the game add something to help us know what we are doing , also can the babies grow ? and are they helpful ? , thanks for your time :)


Hi. Yep the lack of tutorial or instructions does make it hard to get in to so we've been spending a lot of time fixing that for the next version (we're not sure when it will be out yet). In the mean time you can find an unofficial wiki here which might help


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In addition to the wiki that Denki spoke about, you may also like to see how Matt Shea on You Tube played Autonauts during 2017.  I find Matt's videos to be very entertaining and informative.  The first ones pertain to earlier versions of the game but the last one is for the most recent version 21.2.

thanks for the help i'll be checking the wiki for sure :)

hey maybe you can add bigger storage and more upgrades to the robots like a battery life and maybe another ore to mine as well

The storage bins that contain the same object are automatically connected to each other.  If you have only one storage bin with room for 100 logs and you create a new storage bin and add one log to it, both bins will now have room for 200 logs, etc.

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i know but my map is almost full of storages so if there is a bigger storage that could be upgraded and works the same way that could be useful for the building space

If your map is full of storages, I imagine that most of your bots are set to "Repeat Forever", including those that produce resources (cutting down trees, mining ore, etc.) and those that put the resources into storages.  In that case, even if there were bigger storages, those too will eventually get filled and the problem remains the same.

You might find as an enjoyable challenge trying to regulate the bots that produce resources so that they stop doing so when the storage is full and later start producing those resources when the storage is not full.  Try also using the "Shout" and the "Repeat Until Hear …"  commands so that bots that identify that a type of storage is full or not full can control the bots that produce the resources and fill the storages.

Of course, the folk need to be fed which should use up the stored resources.

thanks mate , and about those kids i don't feed them they are not doing anything good or bad they are just right there :) , so give us an option to do with them do we keep taking care of them or do we throw them in the water hoping they know how to swim :D

You can build crude huts or crude brick huts and then put them into those huts.  They will smile and be happy (for several seconds).  Then they will become sad because they are hungry.  You can produce food such as bread, mushroom soup, cooked salmon, and apple pie.  When you feed them they will smile and be happy again (for several seconds more).  Then they will get hungry again.  You can also create hats and clothes for them.  As they eat, they will eventually get themselves and their clothes dirty and be sad again.  You can take their clothes off with a crude basket and put them into a wash tub to clean them and then onto a clothes line to dry them.  You can also put the folk into wash tubs to clean them.  Once they are clean, you can put them back into their huts and put the hats and clothes onto them again.  And then they will be happy again (for several seconds).  Just like raising your own kids, you will need to take care of them and make them happy for a long time.  If you can get the indicator in the top left corner of the game to show that you have 100 extremely happy folk, then you can be proud that you have accomplished the measured goal of the game.  Show us a screenshot showing the 100 extremely happy folk and we will see how well you have done.  Good luck.

ok thanks for the help mate , but if that's all what's in the game for now i can say i've already knew that in 2 days when it come's to survival games i learn it so quikly so the info you gave me didn't add anything new but thanks anyway , also you said to get the indicator of the happeness on the top left corner to 100 i'm sure there is'nt 100 child in the game (yet) , i also read the wiki of the game the only thing i didn't knew how it works is the fishing rod , and one more thing : now i've downloaded the free virsion of unity game maker what if i added something to the game and send it to the dev well it be helpful ?if so it wont happen soon i'm still learning it

There are 100 folk in the game already.

bruh D: