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awesome i'm looking forword for your updates

Polysettlement community · Created a new topic done
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well there be updates for the game or you don't make games anymore ?

hi there jiak1 , i've played your game and it's really cool i did some mistakes but i enjoyed it so far :) nice job , the only thing that i have a problem with is the movement and the pause menu i can't click on the options only the exit , i don't know if it was from my pc or not , and i couldn't make the video longer but i'm thinking of another part of this game

i played it 4 times it's the same ending to mater what you do , nice trick mate :)

sure i'll do

i wish that i can donate some money to help you with the project , i just don't have a bank account yet .

good luck mates :D

hi there i was looking for a game around the internet that allow me to build and battle with my friends at the same time , and looks like i found what i was looking for , i've play tested your game and it looks really good compared to other games i found around the internet , i can also play it on my laptop really well .

your game looks cool man i'm looking up for more stuff in the game :)

good luck with the project mate .

bruh D:

ok thanks for the help mate , but if that's all what's in the game for now i can say i've already knew that in 2 days when it come's to survival games i learn it so quikly so the info you gave me didn't add anything new but thanks anyway , also you said to get the indicator of the happeness on the top left corner to 100 i'm sure there is'nt 100 child in the game (yet) , i also read the wiki of the game the only thing i didn't knew how it works is the fishing rod , and one more thing : now i've downloaded the free virsion of unity game maker what if i added something to the game and send it to the dev well it be helpful ?if so it wont happen soon i'm still learning it

thanks mate , and about those kids i don't feed them they are not doing anything good or bad they are just right there :) , so give us an option to do with them do we keep taking care of them or do we throw them in the water hoping they know how to swim :D

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i know but my map is almost full of storages so if there is a bigger storage that could be upgraded and works the same way that could be useful for the building space

hey maybe you can add bigger storage and more upgrades to the robots like a battery life and maybe another ore to mine as well

thanks for the help i'll be checking the wiki for sure :)

Autonauts community · Created a new topic how to play ?

hey dev , i like the game it's really fun but the problem im facing now is how to do things there is no tutorial or info menu or a guide book to craft and use (witch it well be a nice idea) please when you update the game add something to help us know what we are doing , also can the babies grow ? and are they helpful ? , thanks for your time :)