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Rosette and Words is out on!

A topic by SmallBigSquare created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 84 Replies: 2
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Rosette and Words is a crossword game puzzle where you must find words in a board full of letter tiles. 

On each level, you are provided with a list of words to find in a specific amount of time. 

Game Features:
- Two game modes: Timed and Relaxed.
- A database of over 240,000 words creates a different level each time you play.
- Timed mode offers 96 level stages.
- Relaxed mode contains a customizable board size and an infinite number of levels.
- Create over 2,000 unique rosettes in the Rosette Editor.
- Enjoy relaxing music.
- Choose from light or dark mode, and a variety of color palettes.

You can download it here 15% off during launch week:


Congratulations on the launch. You're up on the homepage.

Thank you very much!