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help with last 3 items?

A topic by Badger created 44 days ago Views: 176 Replies: 6
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i cannot for the life of me find
1.) torn illustration page (I think its just valley rng?)
2.) cyclops skull (apparently its a final day cemetery in hinterlands 3 under certain conditions, no idea what though)
3.) typewriter scrap? (absolutely no idea)

1. I believe the Torn Illustrated page is a random valley reward. It's under Mementos so you might need a team whose memento stat is the highest.

2. Have you tried to go to the cemetery during the final day after having completed Nini's quest?

3. I'm also sure the typewriter scrap is also a valley reward though it's listed under other and not memento. I assume your team also need a high memento stat as well.

relating to nini's quest i have tried
completing memorial/library/anthill/cemetary
completing memorial/storms house/p's house/cemetary
completing memorial/back to colonols/library/cemetary
I've tried unlocking and visiting the cemetary first both ways and then doing the memorial and returning
all of which yield sea slug

this has been done from 3 different save files (speedrunner art and humanities) most of which i played through till the end to see if its obtained in the final chapter somehow.


something i posted 3 months ago, see if any of these work


Other conditions that I can recall is giving the pelt back then going to the shed and doing the cemetery on the last day; which will give you quite a variant on dialogue and might give you the skull.

I don't recall if doing both returning the pelt and doing the burial effects the last day of the cemetery and effects the collectables.


thank you! i didn't realize you had time to do pelt and memorial before going to cemetery cause I hate not giving storm the jacket. skull acquired!


you can do them as short as 5 days.  the middle section of finding stuff underwater can be done in the same day