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That's Racing

A topic by imphenzia created Jul 10, 2018 Views: 232 Replies: 7
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Hey everyone!

I'm about a month into making a game called That's Racing. It's a top-down isometric view low-poly multiplayer racing game (how is that for a genre? =)

I've been posting a few devlog entries, some just explain progress on the game and some post are more like tutorials as I'd like to take the opportunity to give back to the community as much as possible in the process.

Here are my devlog entries so far:

To give you an idea of the game, I'll include some videos here as well:

This is a slow motion video of the car damage model in it's current state:

...and a gif version of damage model in real time too:

I hope you find interest in the game and please comment the devlog entries - feedback, suggestions, and questions are very welcome!

Have a great summer everyone :)


Wow this looks very good. Do you plan this to be a pure racing game? Will there also be destruction-related gameplay modes?


Hi, thanks :) I am thinking 3 modes, normal racing, fun racing (trailers and caravans and challenges) and dirty racing (like old super cars with oil slicks, mines, missiles and some additional stuff like a passenger with a weapon to take out opposition etc).  Those are my thoughts but nothing is set in concrete.


Looks LeBeautiful


Very smooth gameplay. Looking forward to when you have something up to play.

Thanks - sounds good, I am looking forward to being able to share that too :)

I added another devlog today, a short video tutorial of making low poly stones in Blender which is what I'm doing right now for the game:

Another devlog post added:

This time about volatile physics bug:

+ modeling low poly assets and implementing fences and road side obstacles.