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You must prove to have realigned yourself with our prioritization above all of self and nation. · By Fletcher

Beta Feedback

A topic by pocketbard created May 30, 2016 Views: 216 Replies: 4
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So, I played up to the point of killing one of the bosses (The Earth, I believe?), and I think my favorite feature is how the powerups layer on top of each other. It makes you feel really powerful to have all of them at once, however rare that is. I like the different types of enemies too, they cover a nice range of attack patterns.

My major complaint is that, for me anyway, its difficult to touch the powerups - between my high move speed, my tiny hit box, and the equally small powerups, it usually takes several passes just to get one.

Other observations: I was constantly wishing for a way to heal myself (even just a tiny bit), I would appreciate it if the menu when I die would also include the option to replay the same level (instead of having to select it in the map again), and finally, I don't see how the story ties into anything (it sets things up as some kind of Orwellian dystopia and eliminating dissenters, but nothing beyond that opening narrative ties into that theme, it just feels like a normal top-down shooter).

I agree with pocketbards praises and criticisms aside from his point on healing. The levels are short enough that healing in any noticeable fashion would not matter too much, unless you dropped the maximum health of the player significantly.

The top left boss was a very enjoyable in a hectic, chaotic way, but also I feel like you were supposed to hit the little dots that surround him, but the constant supply of exploding powerups just guaranteed that I could point the right stick in his general direction and be guaranteed to damage him, which I feel sort of took a bunch of strategy that I felt you were going for out of the fight (could be wrong, was still .

I was hoping to complete the game to give you a more complete description, but two major issues stopped me from doing so:

  • The spawn radius of enemies. I have definitely spent 5+ minutes on a level with just one enemy left, trying to find the corner I need to stand in to make it spawn multiple times, and that really takes the fun away from the game. Perhaps an arrow pointing to the nearest enemy if no enemies have appeared on the screen for 10 seconds?
  • The bottom left boss. I couldn't figure out what was up with that thing. I just ended up standing there shooting at it for around 5 minutes to drop its health to 0, while it never attacked me or moved. It didn't even change for the 5 minutes after it had no health. Maybe there's something that I'm missing, but I honestly have no idea where to proceed from that point.
That said, the core gameplay loop is fantastic. I'm definitely looking forward to playing Watchlist once it has a tiny bit more polish.

Thanks guys! Definitely agree with all the points you two mentioned. I have ideas for a couple features that I think should help on some of these points, especially with acquiring powerups and changing how health works a bit, might also help reinforce the role of the theme.

Spawning of enemies definitely has to be tweaked, and I think the boss you encountered in the bottom left has a weird bug I gotta dig into.

Thanks for playing! I'll let you guys know when a new build is up :)

Just played through and beat 4 bosses. Not sure if there was supposed to be anything after that (though I didn't play through ALL the levels). I took down a bunch of notes & personal opinions, hope some of it is useful:

  • In the first dialogue: the typing text will sometimes be mid-word and then it'll wrap around to the next line, which doesn't look good.
  • The dialogue box is too big or the text is too small, the box always seems to be half-empty
  • I think the enemies should be a different color than the wall
  • In fact, there should be more colors in general
  • Level Complete and Level Start should completely fade in before/after you are able to control, i.e. dont have a semi-tinted screen while the player can still play
  • Needs MORE sound effects, for every interaction
  • Give the current sound effects more bass, more umph. some of them sound a lil weak
  • Make enemies sound more distinct, even include idle droning noises
  • Enemies need to be easier to differentiate, need more character. Ask yourself "Who is this winged attacking enemy? Why is he/she attacking me? What is their hopes and dreams?" When you ask questions like that, enemies can become more than canon fodder.
  • Powerups need to be easier to pick up, either making them larger, or having them gravitate towards you
  • Give sound indications when your powerup state changes (run our of a specific power up, or when you pick one up)
  • Level are actually really good, but the single-line walls can be a bit of an eye-sore sometimes. Maybe make the grid smaller and never have just single-lines with no inside
  • Better indicator for when you are hit,
  • The player's state needs to be more obvious in the UI with a quick glance, sometimes its hard to glance and know what state my character is in (maybe more colors?)
  • And enemy count may be useful for knowing how many more you need to face to ration your resources
  • Reward players for exploring the level, have something they can find that doesn't require shooting an enemy
  • Bosses are WAY too easy and die very quickly, especially when you have tons of power-ups. I really liked The Other's attack forcing you to move you around the map, very well designed
  • All enemies should appear when entering a room, unless if you want the player to get ambushed unsuspectingly, in which case you should have some way for the player to counter a surprise like that (maybe limited big bombs)
  • Exploding bullet's explosions go through walls, its an easy way to cheese enemies sometimes
  • Enemies spawn based on screen distance, should be based on actual A* distance
  • Enemy shooters should pathfind to you before they start shooting, or else they'll just shoot the wall
  • Maybe mark where you've been in the map, or add something to the map to make areas more distinct so you know where you've been
  • I got one of the bosses twice (the young). I dont think that should happen
  • There wasn't a line connecting to the last boss I fought for some reason
  • Can't use left-right keys on the The Watchlist page
The game is looking really good! Sorry for all the nit-picky notes.

Thanks for all the feedback! Pretty much agree on everything and have some notes to address a bunch of it, great to get people's input and ideas of how to address things! There is something after the 4 bosses but it probably needs to be made more obvious on the level select screen.