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Just played through and beat 4 bosses. Not sure if there was supposed to be anything after that (though I didn't play through ALL the levels). I took down a bunch of notes & personal opinions, hope some of it is useful:

  • In the first dialogue: the typing text will sometimes be mid-word and then it'll wrap around to the next line, which doesn't look good.
  • The dialogue box is too big or the text is too small, the box always seems to be half-empty
  • I think the enemies should be a different color than the wall
  • In fact, there should be more colors in general
  • Level Complete and Level Start should completely fade in before/after you are able to control, i.e. dont have a semi-tinted screen while the player can still play
  • Needs MORE sound effects, for every interaction
  • Give the current sound effects more bass, more umph. some of them sound a lil weak
  • Make enemies sound more distinct, even include idle droning noises
  • Enemies need to be easier to differentiate, need more character. Ask yourself "Who is this winged attacking enemy? Why is he/she attacking me? What is their hopes and dreams?" When you ask questions like that, enemies can become more than canon fodder.
  • Powerups need to be easier to pick up, either making them larger, or having them gravitate towards you
  • Give sound indications when your powerup state changes (run our of a specific power up, or when you pick one up)
  • Level are actually really good, but the single-line walls can be a bit of an eye-sore sometimes. Maybe make the grid smaller and never have just single-lines with no inside
  • Better indicator for when you are hit,
  • The player's state needs to be more obvious in the UI with a quick glance, sometimes its hard to glance and know what state my character is in (maybe more colors?)
  • And enemy count may be useful for knowing how many more you need to face to ration your resources
  • Reward players for exploring the level, have something they can find that doesn't require shooting an enemy
  • Bosses are WAY too easy and die very quickly, especially when you have tons of power-ups. I really liked The Other's attack forcing you to move you around the map, very well designed
  • All enemies should appear when entering a room, unless if you want the player to get ambushed unsuspectingly, in which case you should have some way for the player to counter a surprise like that (maybe limited big bombs)
  • Exploding bullet's explosions go through walls, its an easy way to cheese enemies sometimes
  • Enemies spawn based on screen distance, should be based on actual A* distance
  • Enemy shooters should pathfind to you before they start shooting, or else they'll just shoot the wall
  • Maybe mark where you've been in the map, or add something to the map to make areas more distinct so you know where you've been
  • I got one of the bosses twice (the young). I dont think that should happen
  • There wasn't a line connecting to the last boss I fought for some reason
  • Can't use left-right keys on the The Watchlist page
The game is looking really good! Sorry for all the nit-picky notes.

Yo put me up in there too @_glocks