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Hey there thanks for posting! They're not, it may be because you're not running the game at a multiple of 640x360 (i.e. 720p or 1080p) which is the native res of the pixel art in the game. There's a setting in the video settings to lock the gameplay resolution to 640x360 that which might address things like that, though I don't think there should be too many other occurrences of artifacts like that so up to you. Might be able to take a look at it and come up with another solution at some point, thanks again! And sorry I didn't see this for a month haha.

Hey there! If you have accounts elsewhere, there are currently playable demos on Steam and GOG. We will also be at Dreamhack Beyond online festival (July 25th - 31st) with a playable demo there as well!

Thanks for your interest in the game, hope that's helpful in determining if it's right for you! My game Watchlist is essentially about fascist scapegoating, it's pay what you want so doesn't work for the bundle but would love to have it as part of the collection mentioned to show support :)

Thanks for all the feedback! Pretty much agree on everything and have some notes to address a bunch of it, great to get people's input and ideas of how to address things! There is something after the 4 bosses but it probably needs to be made more obvious on the level select screen.

Thanks guys! Definitely agree with all the points you two mentioned. I have ideas for a couple features that I think should help on some of these points, especially with acquiring powerups and changing how health works a bit, might also help reinforce the role of the theme.

Spawning of enemies definitely has to be tweaked, and I think the boss you encountered in the bottom left has a weird bug I gotta dig into.

Thanks for playing! I'll let you guys know when a new build is up :)